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CT scan image of SCP-086-2

Item #: SCP-086

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-086-2 is to be kept under observation at Bio-Research Area-12. Its containment cell is to be lined with a minimum of ██ cm of a high-magnetic-permeability alloy of no less than █00 kN/A2, and shielded against radio transmissions of up to ███ kW in the █-██ MHz range. SCP-086-2 is to be manually fed two (2) times daily by D-class personnel, using processed food rich in complex carbohydrates. All radio transmissions from SCP-086-2 is to be recorded and forwarded to Site-█ for cryptographic analysis. All personnel entering the containment area of SCP-086-2 are to wear specially designed helmets of [REDACTED] alloy in order to negate magnetic effects.

SCP-086-1 is to be stored at Site-██, under armed guard.

Description: SCP-086-1 is a roughly spherical capsule of unknown design, resembling a spacecraft or bathysphere. The outer shell is composed of a previously-unknown configuration of carbon, with tensile strength exceeding that of single-walled carbon nanotubes. The interior of the capsule is equipped with restraint seating compatible with SCP-086-2, a variety of displays, and a compact life-support system.

SCP-086-2 resembles a humanoid organism, 3.12 m in height and weighing 72 kg. SCP-086-2 displays elongated limbs and a high degree of macrocephaly. Internally, most organs of SCP-086-2 are similar in form and assumed function to those of a standard human, with the exception of the nervous system. Sexual characteristics are not present.

Computerized tomography scans of the cranium of SCP-086-2 reveals twin fluid sacs in place of the cerebral hemispheres. As a result, there is no conventional brain function, and SCP-086-2 appears to be in a persistent vegetative state. Suspended in the fluid sacs are dense matrices of metallic filaments, tentatively identified as [REDACTED], which is considered a potential room-temperature superconductor. Longer, less dense groups of these filaments are present in place of the peripheral nervous system. SCP-086-2 has been periodically observed to transmit radio waves on frequencies between █ and ██ MHz, and generate magnetic fields of up to █.█ Tesla.

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