SCP-1405-2 in the dimension of SCP-1405

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Item #: SCP-1405

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1405 is to be kept in a well lit room with the diameters of 12x14. In the event of a power outage, Scp-1405 is to have a back-up generator in order to keep lights on at all times. No more than one single D-level personal may enter. Personal(now know as SCP-1450-1) is require to wear a camera, bring a flashlight, remain in contact with non-testing personal at all times. Few medical supplies need to be brought incase of serious injury.
Description: SCP-1405 is described as a spherical orb of darkness. From all sides SCP-1405 appears to be two-dimensional. SCP-1405 acts as a doorway between our dimension and a pocket dimension. SCP-1405 has an inside that is complete darkness. A what seems to be sentient life form(which will now be referred to as SCP-1405-2), can only be spotted due to it's radiating red eyes. SCP-1405-2 claims to know the future and will tell, in exchange for a piece of the human body. If SCP-1450-1 is to agree, SCP-1405-2 chooses a piece(non-specific;pieces range from limbs to patches of skin), than tells how someone SCP-1405-1 loves will die, then how they will succeed in life(if they do). Cases of SCP-1405-1 never returning from the pocket dimension of SCP-1405 have been recored.
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