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An instance of SCP-1775-1

Item #: SCP-1775

Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: Due to the current widespread infection of SCP-1775 and the notoriety of SCP-1775-2, it is impossible to fully contain it. However, measures are in place to control the outbreak and utilize SCP-1775 in a joint effort by the Foundation and the ██ government.

Foundation agents within the ██ government will continue to manipulate the SCP-1775 chain of command in order to maintain compliance from SCP-1775-2.

Exposure to SCP-1775 will be controlled by recruiter personnel that have been screened by the ██ government with direct training and oversight by MTF Delta-6 (aka "the Devil's Advocates"). Persons who are further found to be resistant after recruitment will be processed out using one of the standard separation guidelines.

Description: SCP-1775 is a memetic phenomenon that causes individuals to develop a highly militaristic mindset that replaces previous 'civilian' thoughts and mentalities.

Individuals fully affected by this phenomenon become instances of SCP-1775-1 and will show:

  • Religious loyalty to other infected persons
  • A rigidly established hierarchy
  • Godlike status placed upon senior leadership
  • Religious loyalty to the chain of command
  • Religious adherence to established customs, traditions, and ethos
  • Severe increase in aggressiveness
  • Refusal or extreme reluctance to retreat
  • Borderline psychosis
  • Borderline sociopathic tendencies in combat situations
  • Disdain towards non-infected persons

Simple exposure to phrases or symbols associated with SCP-1775 will have a minor affect on individuals, but will not produce an instance of SCP-1775-1. In order to produce an instance of SCP-1775-1, the following actions must take place:

  • Subject volunteers or is drafted into SCP-1175-2
  • Subject undergoes a variation of ascension training in order to "earn" the title of [REDACTED]
  • Ascension training must include a period of no less than ██ of continuous sleep deprivation, starvation, and [REDACTED]
  • Subject must be awarded the title of [REDACTED] by a member of his/her training cadre

It has been shown that exposure to SCP-1775 and claiming to be an instance of SCP-1775-1 does not produce instances of SCP-1775-1.

All training cadre for both enlisted and officers are enlisted instances of SCP-1775-1 that have been selected for training recruits. SCP-1775-2 is the only branch to follow this practice.

There are approximately 250,000 instances of SCP-1775-1, collectively known as SCP-1775-2. SCP-1775-2 is currently in use as a long standing branch of the armed forces for the ██ government.

Time spent in ascension training has varied between ██ and ██ weeks. Ascension training does not have to be completed in one continuous block, but can be split with no less than █ weeks per block. This has been utilized in one program for producing Officers with the [REDACTED]. While only ██ are needed, enlistedmen have been known to spend extra time repeating cycles during ascension training due to poor performance, and barred from proceeding until the training cadre feels that the subject has earned the right to continue forward in earning their place among in SCP-1775-2.

Instances of SCP-1775-1 will retain portions of their previous personalities and behaviors, but with heavy modification from SCP-1775. Physical changes are often cosmetic, and are done to keep within the regulations that SCP-1775-2 has developed as part of its customs and traditions. Tattooing has been a popular method of cosmetic alteration and showing devotion to the collective.

Instances of SCP-1775-1 will continue to display the noted behaviors, even after successfully leaving SCP-1775-2 and returning to civilian life. This has given rise to the development of the commonly used phrase within SCP-1775-2 "Once a ██████, aways a ██████" indicating that the full reversal of SCP-1775 is impossible.

Psychological trauma has been noted in a some instances of SCP-1775-1 from the extreme stress of undergoing the mental changes SCP-1775 produces. This is further compounded in instances of SCP-1775-1 returning from combat where those psychological changes refuse to allow normal emotional responses in coping with high stress environments. Depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide are known issues that are resultant of these effects and are being researched in order to mitigate them by the government.

The first instances of this phenomenon have been traced back to [REDACTED], PA dating as early as 10 November ████.

Addendum 1775-a: Due to the widespread nature of SCP-1775 and the success SCP-1775-2 has had versus all other branches, the ██ government has refused to destroy it. The ██ government is currently actively using SCP-1775 in order to further its military power, and is allowing controlled exposure to the global population. Efforts to contain and control SCP-1775 was originally led by the ██ government, but has become a joint effort after 30 April ████.

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