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Item #: SCP-1272

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: 1272 is to be contained in a locked box measuring in 1.5 m x 0.75 m x 0.75 m. Box is never to be opened without clearance from 05. If box is to be opened, this task to be assigned to a Class-D personnel. Class-D is to enter 1272's containment room unescorted, open box, and examine book. They must then read the cover and most recent page. They will then exit the room and tell SCP Agents both the full name of the book and the three most recent entries to the book. If their description matches the enclosed description, the book is cleared to be examined, read, and reviewed until Class-D's termination, regardless of cause of Class-D's death.

Description: SCP-1272 is a blue book measuring .5 m x .55 m with frayed binding. The top right corner of the cover is bent in. There are two deep cuts on the front cover and three on the back. Age of book is unknown. Language on cover and in book is currently unknown. Inside of book are 50 lined pages, each with 12 lines.

Though language used in book is currently unknown, all subjects reviewing the book have reported what they describe as an intuitive understanding of the book's language. Separate tests of this have confirmed all test subjects as making the same translations.

Cover of the book includes the following details:

  • Title (Translated as: "Ledger of Errancies")
  • Name of the book's current target (hereafter referred to as 1272-1)
  • The phrase "XXX Remaining", with XXX being a number of any combination.

When 1272 is viewed, subject will always have 1272-1's name listed on the cover. Invariably, 1272-1 will be the first person to view on it since the previous victim of SCP's effect. If 1272 is viewed by a group of people, the name is chosen seemingly at random.

Within the book and written on the lines are the names of the Seven Deadly Sins as listed and defined by the Catholic Church. Next to sin's name is a month, day, year, and time specific to the exact second. Testing with Class-D Personnel 1272-1 has indicated that anytime one of the "Seven Deadly Sins" is committed, an entry is immediately filled with the name of the sin and time it was committed. Additionally, the number on the cover of the book reforms itself to be one less in an apparent countdown. When the number reaches 000, 1272-1 has, in 100% of instances suffered an intense and painful death lasting anywhere between 4-5 minutes. If 1272-1 is in an unsecured location, the incident will seem to occur as the result of a highly unlikely event, such as an automobile accident, animal attack, or act of violence by a criminal with no previous record of such behavior. If 1272-1 is at a secured location, death will take place as a critical health condition that originates, reaches peak, and concludes within the listed frame.

Immediately after the exact time that 1272-1 expires, records from the SCP's pages are cleared and record keeping for the next target begins. Record keeping begins at this precise moment, whether the next 1272-1 is aware that their name is on the cover of the book. Testing indicates that it is possible to both be targeted as the book's subject and complete the countdown without ever being aware that one has been identified by 1272.

In multiple testings, the number of "Sins" allotted to each of the book's target varies. The method of determining these is unknown, though it is confirmed that SCP Agents Levels 0-3 are given a large number of allotments, whereas Class-D personnel are given significantly fewer. Through an unintended event, 05 Agent Dr. ██████ was the target of 1272's effect on ██/██/20██. Dr. ██████ was allotted █ "Sins".

While the general effect of 1272 is known, several tests have been conducted in order to determine possible variations and means of circumventing the book's apparent rules. While many tests reinforce notes document thus far, a small number of tests have yielded especially noteworthy results. These are listed below.

Testing Log: 1272-A

Subject: D-543278
Sins Allotted: 54
Alterations Tested: Subject given access to 4 additional Class-D personnel that were restrained from providing defense. Subject encouraged to engage in any act of violence desired.
Result: Each session of violence recorded as an incident of "Wrath", regardless of number of prisoners assaulted. Sessions were only divided by drops in 543278's adrenaline level.

Subject: D-543286
Sins Allotted: 32
Alterations Tested: Subject offered wide variety of foods and desserts. Subject is informed that they may eat as much as they desire. Subject cautiously eats an average amount and requests to be excused from the exercise. Dr. ███ emphasizes that this will be D-543286's only meal of this kind. After hesitation, subject resumes eating.
Result: Incident of "Gluttony" is recorded immediately upon subject's decision to continue eating beyond their initial stop.

Subject: D-543299
Sins Allotted: 45
Alterations Tested: Subject is restrained completely and shown pornographic material.
Result: When subject's serotonin levels began to spike, an incident of "Lust" was recorded.

Subject: D-543422
Sins Allotted: 12
Alterations Tested: Subject is restrained completely and shown pornographic material. After serotonin levels spike and incident of "Lust" is recorded, subject is informed both of 1272 and its methods. Subject is strongly advised to refrain from all thoughts and actions of a sexual nature.
Result: Book records incident of "Chastity" with a timestamp matching time subject was informed of 1272's properties. No effect on countdown, which continues to lower with each recorded incident.

Subject: D-543452
Sins Allotted: 61
Alterations Tested: Subject placed in solitary cell and granted any requests deemed necessary for maintaining subject's comfort and well being.
Result: Significantly fewer incidents recorded. Subject survives to 30 day termination date without completing countdown. 1272 retrieved by Agent █████████, who was immediately named by book to be 1272-1.

Subject: D-543515
Sins Allotted: 128
Alterations Tested: Subject was informed specifically of the mechanics behind 1272 and then returned to holding cell where they are kept under surveillance. Subject appears afraid to perform any but the most necessary action. Subject speaks only when spoken to and otherwise only maintains bodily needs and prays.
Result: Every 4 hours spent awake in this manner are recorded as an incident of "Sloth". Upon being informed of this, subject requests termination (Denied).

Additional testing results awaiting declassification.

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