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scratch area - place for writing shit

initial idea: snow storm brings two enemies into close contact

Greg sighed as he starred through the attic window at the whiteout outside, trust him to end up trapped in a tiny cottage with a cranky injured GOC Operative and a out of her depth UIU Agent in what was predicted to be the worst snowstorm this season.

Intel had said that this would be a simple retrieval of presumed non-dangerous SCP creature from an abandoned airfield, then again when had Intel ever been right.

‘But no’ he thought it’s not Intel’s fault that idiot greenhorn Reiner crashed the escape helicopter.

“Yeah, will be there safely, my green sock” he muttered darkly to the cold frosted glass.

“I finished that other guy’s stitches and he’s passed out for now” the UIU woman said as she sat down on the windowsill next to him, setting a mug of coffee down next to him, while sipping her own absently.

Greg scowled at the cloying stench of the black coffee, but sipped it slowly regardless.

“The… thing appears to be doing well” she added nodding to the small blue imp-like creature curling in a ball asleep on the rug.

“Don’t be fooled” he stated when she smiled at the adorable little creature “it’s the cute ones that can do the most damage” Greg told her as finished the horrible coffee with a grimace and walking away, looking for the kitchen.

“Hey whats your name anyway?” she asked following him down the stairs and into the kitchen.

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