I love Master. Master good, master pet. Much pet. I good to Master, and he tell me I good. I follow, I love, I protect. Even before, before had to protect Master, before things were dark. When Master had little ones, when I loved little ones. Little ones gone now, and I am sad, but Master is with more so not all sad.

Used to be others too, but most gone now. Most. Some still here. Smell funny. Smell bad. Not like Master. They make sound not like Master. Some like me, but not like me. Some in sky, but not like before. Never get close to them, them never get close to us. They move to us we move away. Always moving, always walking, always listening and smelling. Go into buildings when dark, go out when light, moving. Get food, sleep, move. They get close, I protect, and he protect me. Yell, bite, run, we live. We always live.

Always… Live. Yes. Get up Master. It still here. Smell, not see, but hear. We go in building as always. Fences all around, good place. Smell weird, smell clean, but good place. Food, bed, other rooms, all clean. Go in room, lights go out, you get small light, I bark. I behind you, I protect. You turn, I turn, thing there. Look dead but smell red. Look dead but smell breath. I bark, but it gone. Turn, you on ground, eyes closed. Get up, Master. It dark in room. You get cold, but I keep you warm. I always keep you warm. Get up, Master. I am scared, thing still here. I am scared.

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