A Good Workout
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SCP-XXXX while inactive

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in Secure Containment Locker 84, at Site 37. Access for study is granted to Level 3 personnel and above. Use for personal gain is strictly prohibited and punishable by termination.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a dumbbell, approximately 28 centimeters in length and 14 kilograms in weight, with a logo reading ‘Sportz Fitness! [sic]’ printed on the inner left disc. No such company is currently known to exist, and the telephone number provided underneath was found unregistered.

SCP-XXXX, on observation, is for all intents and purposes identical to other dumbbells of its make. Viewers report no strong compulsion to pick it up, describing it as “nothing special.” However, when using it in a workout, subjects experience an immense sense of well-being, claiming themselves greatly energized.

SCP-XXXX’s primary effects become evident after extended use - generally, 10 ‘repetitions.’ Users undergo drastic muscle growth, far beyond the expected rate for such a period; for instance, a two-minute ‘set’ focused around the bicep triggered a 4-centimeter increase in girth. The process by which this occurs is unknown, although the exact pace at which the affected area swells appears to vary with the enthusiasm of the user.

After approximately 50 repetitions, the pressure of the contained muscle exceeds the holding tension of the user’s skin. This invariably causes a rupture along the vein, tearing the skin and exposing the newly-thickened muscle. Users at this point appear unconscious of their condition and typically continue their exercise, either to completion or until exsanguination prevents them from persisting further. Interviews with individuals post-’workout’ reveal that they are only aware of the fact that they are getting ‘shredded’ and ‘totally ripped.’


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