A letter from the High Prophet of Belphagor

A new age is upon us. An age free from pain, free from suffering…..

…free from fear.

Humanity has always feared the unknown, especially as far as death is concerned. Questions such as "Where will I go when I die?", "Do ghosts exist?" and, perhaps the most important of all, "Is there an afterlife?" have been asked since the dawn of time; countless attempts have been made to answer these questions, most of which have failed.

Today, brethren, those questions can, and will , be answered.

The Order of Belphegor is here to provide the definitive answers — and not just in regards to the afterlife. Many of the so-called "religions" of today have no compunctions about excommunicating those who show even a hint of doubt in their beliefs; if one man's idea of marital bliss is too different from that of the nameless masses, for instance, he is cast out. Many claim that this is due to organized religions having existed for centuries, with guidelines meant to "guide" and "aid" the faithful.

That, brethren, is a bold-faced lie.

The idea that a community MUST follow these so-called guidelines is an absolute travesty. The treatment of such ideas as same-sex marriage, taking multiple wives, marrying someone below the so-called ages of consent and freedom to pursue alternative lifestyle options by "organized religion" is nothing short of an affront. Furthermore, organized religious groups have gone out of their way to disprove supernatural phenomena by confiscating AND DESTROYING artifacts that prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that there are forces beyond human comprehension at work in this world. Over the past decade alone, the Vatican has "collected" and "neutralized" at least 1,000 artifacts under the grounds of "preventing the spread of heretical beliefs".

Such travesties have not gone unnoticed, brethren….and the Order intends to rectify them.

Should you posess an item that you believe to be supernatural in origin, the Order of Belphegor will gladly analyze and protect it. As a show of good faith to all new converts to the order, I, the High Prophet of Belphegor, will open the doors of my own private vault so that your artifacts may be safely secured from the prying eyes — and hands — of those who seek to destroy them. Furthermore, should you join the Order on a full-time basics, the secrets of the universe shall be made known to you. The meaning of life — and, by proxy, the meaning of death — will all become clear.

Brethren, the Order of Belphegor welcomes all. Your so-called sins are but specks of dust in the grand scheme…a scheme that, in time, will be revealed to all of those who join us.

Don't let some centuries-old text tell you how to live your life…otherwise, you will never know the true meaning of freedom. Join the Order of Belphegor, and never fear the unknown again.

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