A Magic Trick

Item #: SCP-XXXX


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: XXXX is to be left in a secure vault in Doctor J████’s office, the code should be changed monthly by Dr.J████ and only he is to know the password. Testing has to be approved by Dr.J████

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 10x10 centimetre square of stainless steel, with a small hole in the centre (Approximately 3x4 centimetre) inside and metal plates adorning one side of the plate. When any item capable of passing through the hole is pushed through the part or the item that would normally be on the other side of the metal plate will vanish, The "slice" across the item will suck in light, thusly shows as a black area across the "slice". When the object is pulled back out of XXXX it will return in full, with no anomalous properties. No object dropped into SCP-XXXX has been returned. Looking through the hole in SCP-XXXX Shows simply the other side of the object

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered in a scrap yard just outside of L█████ city when a worker attempted to pick it up, and ended up with two fingers through SCP-XXXX he alerted the police and the foundation administered class b amnesiac and recovered XXXX. Luckily he was wearing gloves, and avoided the burning effect

Experiment Log:
Test #: 1
Item inserted: Small cube
Log: Item pushed into SCP-XXXX until it is half inside SCP-XXXX. Bottom half vanishes. Viewing the “slice” on the cube shows darkness

Test #: 2
Item Inserted: GPS tracker
Log: Transmitter lowered in, signal is lost. Object is dropped inside and a audible sound of several metallic items is heard.
This SCP definitely requires more testing - Dr. J████

Test #: 3
Item Inserted: D-5483’s Right Index finger
Log: D-5483 is asked to place his finger into SCP-XXXX and does so. He complains of a slight burning and then feeling normal. His finger vanishes as normal. D-5483 also reports a sight breeze. Note that D-5483 had a tattoo along his right arm and hand. after the experiment D-5383's finger was missing it's tattoos. examination of the area shows that the tattoo had been removed with some form of laser.
Pretty cool trick! – D-5483

Test #: 4
Item Inserted: Foundation Standard Headcam
Log: Camera battery failed when inserted, even with a power lead attached as it is lowered inside.

Test #: 5
Item Inserted: A small magnet attached to a string
Log: Item fully inserted and string held. Object pulled back with small fragments of metal stuck to it. This metal appears to be completely normal stainless steel.

Test #: 6
Item Inserted: D-44583s finger
Log: D-44583 is told to attempt to fit his whole hand inside SCP-XXXX. Subject fits two fingers, complaining both times about a slight burning. Examination of subjects hand shows that the subjects epidermis has been stripped down a few layers. Subject complains of pain in the area with less skin.

Test #: 7
Item Inserted: D-44583s finger (Repeat test)
Log: Subject is told to place his other hand inside SCP-XXXX. Results same as test # 6, except epidermis is removed completely from both fingers. D-44583 was successfully terminated at the end of the month

Test #: 8
Item Inserted: D-15567's right index finger and D-57387's left index finger.
Log: D-15567 (D-XXXX-1) is told to insert finger. D- 57387 (D-XXXX-2) is told to insert his finger into the other side of SCP-XXXX at the same time as D-XXXX-1. Both subject report burning pain. Both subject reports extreme pain in their respective finger, this is theorised to be both subjects finger occupying the same space at one time. After test both subjects fingers have had their epidermis completely removed, however without any signs of bleeding.

Test #: 9
Item Inserted: Hollow stainless steel pipe
Log: D-XXXX-1 is told to insert the pipe. Once the pipe is inside D-XXXX-1 is told to look through the pipe. he enters cardiac arrests and the pipe falls inside SCP-XXXX. After D-XXXX-1 Is resuscitated he reports "incredible colours, Some I can't even explain!"

Test #: 10
Item Inserted:Hollow stainless steel pipe
Log: D-XXXX-1 is told to insert another pipe, however instead of looking through the pipe, To take an image using a provided camera. He does so without any adverse affects. The image is printed and shows no anomalous properties.

A small portion of the image
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