AAAlpha and Omega

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Item #: SCP-697

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-697 is contained within two 4mx4m containment chambers, connected to each other by a central door. All access to the chambers must only come through the room that contains SCP-697-1, and all staff members must pick up and handle this object before proceeding to the second chamber, barring specific test protocols. SCP-697-1 and SCP-697-42 should be returned to their clearly marked Lockboxes in the center of the rooms before departing. Please confirm that they are in the correct locations.

Description: objects are two granite carvings, each roughly 1m tall and 20cm thick. SCP-697-1 is carved with the Greek letter Alpha, and SCP-697-42 with Omega. SCP-697-1 has been partially restored, and is painted sporadically in silver.

The items were brought to the foundation's attention in 20██, when the restorer who had done the paintwork on SCP-697-1 and the staff at the ███████ museum, where the artifacts were kept, began reporting strange anomalies and the complete disappearance of one of their exhibits.

Several strange phenomena have been observed related to these objects. Firstly, in any listing, catalogue, observational note or even verbal conversation, it seems that SCP-697-1 cannot be put after SCP-697-42. This seems to be some form of memetic compulsion, as class D personnel have been given great incentive, including [data redacted] or threat of termination, to reverse the two, and have yet been completely unable to do so, however it may even be more complex than that as the Foundation's computer database also refuses to catalogue these SCPs out of order.

The second, and far more interesting of these findings is that SCP-697-42 is completely intangible, and all forms of radiation reflected from it completely ineffectual to a subject, until they have first seen or contacted SCP-697-1.

Addendum 697-A: Dr. █████s.: Who in the world thought it was a good idea to give a set of two objects an SCP numbering setup like one and forty-two? I request that SCP-697-42’s designation be changed to SCP-697-42 immediately.

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