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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class:Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in Weapon Locker V-██ in Site █'s Over-watch Nest. Only personnel with a verified █-Grade Anomalous Weapons License are qualified to actively discharge SCP-XXXX for defensive purposes but can be acquired by any member of the Research Staff for a free analysis.

If the heating cell of SCP-XXXX is punctured in any way, O5-█ must be alerted and a member of Keplar- █ ("Air Conditioning") must be on site to disarm it through means of [DATA EXPUNGED, LEVEL 4 CLEARANCE REQUIRED]

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large white-colored rectangular module with a 5" 6" Cartridge box attached to the bottom of the device. Transparent viewports are present on numerous sides, revealing opaque glass tubes emitting a warm red light. Fixed to the top is a rectangular interface with a telescopic matrix linked to a screen, which appears to be used as a sight. SCP-XXXX also sports a fold-able stock identical to the model used on the KRISS Super-Vector, a sub-machine gun manufactured by Transformational Defense Industries. It weighs approximately 60.4 lbs, which elicited a response from personal as being "troublesome" to carry.

Applying pressure to the module's trigger system causes a purple stream of light which appears to be a super-heated laser amplified to destructive power to travel and land consistently to the area pointed at. When colliding with its target, it emits an explosion of variable size, depending on the distance from its target. (After [DATA EXPUNGED], it is now confirmed that the magnitude of the explosion varies randomly.) Analysis of SCP-XXXX reveals that there are no emitters, functioning projectors, or coolants that corresponds to its ability to fire. The Firing mechanism responsible to achieve such destruction of its magnitude is completely absent, replaced only with the dense red rods inside its magazine, or "heating cell". It should also be noted that the beam itself contradicts the laws of nature by traveling at a rate of 102 miles-per-hour, far below the 299 792 458 m/s that marks the speed of light. Complete weaponization is not possible due to the nature of its nonexistent internals. Analysis of the Heat Cells reveals an unknown element which seems to have an unlimited capacity of firing. (See Addendum-XXXX-a for more details.)

Recovery Log: SCP-XXXX was recovered during a brief engagement in ███ between Mobile Task Force Lambda-█ ("█████") and a sharpshooter with Chaos Insurgency Insignia. The sharpshooter fired SCP-XXXX 4 times and killed █ Foundation Task Force members, before Agent █████ was able to fire his AA-12 and puncture SCP-XXXX's heat cell, which [DATA EXPUNGED] and killed the sharpshooter, █ nearby Agents and destroyed the Task force's █. █. █. Transport Vehicle. After the initial implosion, the heat cell had completely closed down and was deemed salvageable by Dr. ████████.

** Addendum-XXXX-a:** After numerous testing periods, it has been confirmed that swapping out the unknown Element that makes up its internals with known nuclear elements is possible but greatly reduces the effectiveness of the unknown element. Only 3 tests have been conducted and are published in the following research log.

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