Abuse Clinic
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX cannot be relocated to a secure location. It is to be clearly marked as condemned and dangerous to prevent civilian entry. All references of SCP-XXXX have been expunged from public files or records. In addition, an armed guard of no less than 2(two) personnel is to be stationed outside of SCP-XXXX's entrance at all times.

Description: SCP-XXX is a concrete structure in ████, C████. SCP-XXX was acquired by the Foundation through one of its' proxy organizations in 19██.

Due to SCP-XXX's nature, no real effort is required to conceal its presence, as it is in the midst of a group of identical structures intended for rental. It is unknown when SCP-XXX's properties first manifested. SCP-XXX was brought to the attention of the foundation in 1985, when depression rates around ████ doubled over the course of a year.

Mobile task forces Eta-10 and Mu-89 were dispatched to investigate the cause of the anomaly. After triangulating upon SCP-XXX as the source of the anomaly, Eta-10 and Mu-89 entered SCP-XXX, resulting in the incapacitation of Eta-10. Mu-89 successfully extracted Eta-10, using ████ acquired from SCP-██ to resist SCP-XXX's mental effects, and secured the perimeter of XXX.

The dimensions of SCP-XXX's interior are inconsistent with the size of the building. While SCP-XXX itself measures approximately [REDACTED], the interior of XXX manifests as an office, furnished with two chairs, one desk, and one office chair on the opposite side of the desk. One door is located behind the desk, and is kept locked until SCP-XXX-1 appears. The door is impervious to all forms of damage.

Upon entry of SCP-XXX, subjects will be instructed by informational signs located on the wall to take a seat in one of the provided chairs and wait. After five minutes have passed, the door will unlock and open. An entity - referred to as SCP-XXX-1 - will enter the room, cordially greet the subject by their full name, and take a seat in the chair behind the desk. SCP-XXX-1 takes the form of a middle-aged male with unremarkable features.

At this point, SCP-XXX-1 will begin to berate the subject seated in the chair, making tongue-in-cheek remarks about their heritage, mocking their physical appearance, and, in one instance, [EXPUNGED] towards the subject's parents. If the subject is unaffected by these insults, SCP-XXX-1 will begin to insult the subject personally, and generally seeks to drive the subject to tears. Except for one case, all interviews with SCP-XXX-1 have ended with the subject in tears. At this point, SCP-XXX-1 will rise and exit through the door, locking it. Subjects driven to tears by SCP-XXX-1 will enter a state of clinical depression. This state will persist until the subject receives mental therapy or commits suicide. Subjects which do not receive mental therapy for █ weeks become listless and lose interest in life. All but two cases have ended in suicide.

SCP-XXX-1 appears to have some ability to sense the thoughts and past experiences of subjects interviewing it, employing information gained via this ability to further upset the subject.

Test Log XXX-1

Subject(s): One D-Class, D-XXX-1, male. D-XXX-1 has a history of violent behavior, and was arrested after murdering █ people over a period of █ weeks.

Test Log:

SCP-XXX-1: "Hello, ████. How are you?"

D-XXX-1: "I'm.. fine."

SCP-XXX-1: "Glad to hear it. Now, let's begin."
SCP-XXX-1 sits. D-XXX-1 appears uneasy at this point.
SCP-XXX-1: 'Now, it has come to my attention that you are, in fact, a [EXPLETIVE REDACTED.]"
D-XXX-1: "Excuse me?"
SCP-XXX-1: "A [EXPLETIVE REDACTED.] So much so, in fact, that your own mother didn't love you enough to keep you. That's what I call sad."
D-XXX-1 is not visibly bothered by this statement.
D-XXX-1: "I know the bitch didn't love me. That's why I killed her."
SCP-XXX-1: "Or maybe it's because you were too ashamed of your own failures to face up to the facts that everything your mother said about you was correct? You are a failure. Worthless. And now, you're here, finally seeing someone who can help you understand why you are such a worthless waste of existence. Your physical features are horrifying at best. Your IQ is subnormal, and you're not even smart enough to realize that [EXPUNGED.]
D-XXX-1 seems visibly shaken by this statement.
SCP-XXX-1: Now get out of here, you pale, overweight, hook-nosed matricidal waste of skin. You disgust me. Your mother was an enormous waste of space, and you're no better.
D-XXX-1 breaks down into tears. SCP-XXX-1 rises and departs.

It seems to me that the similarities between XXX and 024 can't just be coincidental. This merits further investigation. -Dr. Strong

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