Acquisition Log
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Abridged Timeline of SCP-███-█ Acquisition

  • Some time in early June 18██, a number of ██████████, Tennessee area newspapers began carrying stories of a haunting at the █████ residence, located at ██ █████████ Road.
    • Field Agents Went and Hachigan held several conversations with Mr. █████, both at his residence and elsewhere. Phenomena witnessed during interviews not conducted at the residence seemed to suggest that Mr. █████ himself was causally responsible for the reported “poltergeist” activity, although he appeared oblivious to this fact.
    • Mr. █████ was persuaded to accompany Agents Went and Hachigan to Research Installation █ under the pretense he would receive treatment for his rapid decline in mental faculties. Mr. █████ was told the facility was a medical institution.
      • After Agent Hachigan established no objects of interest were in the home, the residence was razed. A cover story was concocted in which Mr. █████ fled his residence in terror in the dead of night, breaking a kerosene lamp in his bid to escape. This story was widely circulated by regional newspapers.
  • Mr. █████ arrived with Agents Went and Hachigan at Research Installation █ on the 11th of June, 18██ at 10:30 am local time.
    • Six (6) individuals signed in to Exam Room 3 shortly after Mr. █████' arrival:
      • Dr. Jared, lead interviewer and researcher assigned to the investigation
      • Dr. Bianchi, assistant to Dr. Jared
      • Agent Hachigan, witness and security
      • Agent Went, witness and security
      • Mr. █████, interviewee
      • Richard Pierfax, stenographer
    • 11:47 am: A handwritten note was slid underneath the door, signed by Dr. Jared.
    • 11:50 am: Three gunshots were heard within Exam Room 3, followed briefly by panicked shouting.
    • 12:02 pm: Two additional gunshots were reported.
    • 12:12 pm: The door to Exam Room 3 was cracked open and a manilla envelope was thrown into the hallway. Dr. Jared wedged his arm in the door and appeared to make an exhaustive effort to force it open, yelling “For Christ's sake, █████!”
    • 12:13 pm: [DATA EXPUNGED]
    • 12:15 pm: Exam Room 3 boarded shut, chimney sealed.
  • On the 13th of June, 18██, Research Installation █ was re-designated Containment Site █.
    • Entombment of Exam Room 3 began shortly thereafter.

Agent Went's Log

June █, 18██

Arrived in ██████████ after an uneventful trip. We're lodged at the local inn. It seems Mr. █████' unwelcome guest has become the talk of the town; it was the first thing the receptionist spoke of after we checked in. According to the receptionist, Mr. █████ spent the evening of June █ here, claiming his “guest” followed him. The receptionist described him as seeming disheveled, desperate, and drunk. She insisted she'd known █████ his whole life, that his lifelong sobriety was something he took pride in. She also noted that, despite his impaired coordination and slurred speech, he seemed deeply offended when she suggested he'd been seeking refuge in a bottle.

June █, 18██

Conversed with Mr. █████ for several hours in his home. He had a great deal of difficulty focusing during our conversation, and by my estimate, reintroduced himself at least twice in ten minutes as if he'd never seen us before. Both times, he did so with his hand on the stock of a double-barreled shotgun resting beside the arm chair he occupied. A consensus was reached on the subject of Mr. █████' possession of firearms in short order.

According to █████, this phantom which has been hounding him possesses physical form and appears as a silhouette. Neither myself nor my partner, Agent Hachigan, have observed this. We were, however, privy to some interesting phenomena over the course of the conversation. By interesting, I mean my revolver liberated itself from its holster, rotating slowly in mid-air and discharging seemingly at random before the weapon dropped to the floor. Mr. █████ was considerably startled by the event, as were my partner and I, though he quickly regained composure and laughed, claiming “the ghost scared itself senseless.” █████ seemed unconcerned about the damage done to his property.

Mr. █████ has agreed to a meeting outside the residence tomorrow. We're keeping his guns.

June █, 18██

Spoke with █████ at a local bar. Upon seeing Agent Hachigan and I, Mr. █████ immediately informed us he had been followed once more by his unwelcome guest, facetiously referring to it as “Umbra.” Agent Hachigan and myself remain unable to see the entity.

Our second meeting proved much less eventful than the first. No errant gunshots to report, though a newspaper left unattended at a nearby table unfolded itself in singularly bizarre fashion after Mr. █████ asked if either myself or Hachigan saw anything of import in today's news. █████ claims to be unable to read anymore, something he attributes to Umbra's presence.

Hachigan and I are of the opinion that Umbra doesn't exist. We believe █████ is responsible for these phenomena. Why he felt it necessary to attribute them to this invented Umbra, I don't know. It is possible that he's genuinely unaware of his role in the situation, and this Umbra was invented to fill in the blanks, as it were.

In any case, Mr. █████ has agreed to accompany Agent Hachigan and myself to Installation █. He's under the impression we're taking him to a medical facility to treat his decline in mental health. Hachigan insists we avoid forms of transit which could allow for any additional witnesses en route to Installation █.

█████ and I will depart tonight. After Agent Hachigan ensures Mr. █████' home is free of any objects of interest, he'll meet up with us after razing the residence. A cover story has been submitted via the usual channels.

I can't wait until this assignment is over. It would be nice to get a good night's sleep again.

Agent Hachigan's ████████


Transcript of Mr. █████' Interview

Interviewed: Agent Hachigan, Agent Went, Mr. █████

Interviewer: Dr. Jared

Foreword: This interview was ordered by Dr. Jared in order to: verify the observations of Agents Hachigan and Went, test the hypothesis that Mr. █████ was subconsciously responsible for phenomena observed by Hachigan and Went, determine the appropriate accommodations and treatment for Mr. █████, and debrief Agents Hachigan and Went.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Jared: Hello, Mr. █████. My name is Dr. Jared, but just Doctor will suffice. I understand you've not been yourself lately. Can you describe your symptoms?

█████: No… No I can't, Doctor. I could if I were sick - if I were ailing… I'm not. It's this… presence - it won't leave. Ever since it showed up —

Dr. Jared: I apologize, but I'd like to stop you right there, Mr. █████. When did you first begin sensing this presence?

█████: I can't even tell you what day of the week it is.

Dr. Jared: (sighs) Continue where you left off, then.

█████: I what? Oh, right. Ever since it showed up, I can't focus – can't read. Can - but can't process it, you know? When I am able to steady my nerves enough to sleep, I awake the next morning feeling no different than the night before – just as tired. I don't think Umbra -

Dr. Jared: Umbra?

█████: Name I gave her – gave it. I don't think she, err… It. Means any harm. It seems curious, inquisitive, even. Doesn't understand English, can't read. (chuckles) We have that in common, at least.

Dr. Jared: Can you venture a guess as t –

█████: (laughing hysterically) The other day… she grabbed Ms. Went's sixshooter… looked it over, no clue what it was… scared herself half to death when it went off!

Dr. Jared: Hmm… Can you recall when these phenomena began occurring? When you noticed this… Umbra? Whichever came first will suffice.

█████: I think… it was when I visited the lake. There was this… odd ripple pattern, odd disturbance – in the water, like something moving, displacing. Nothing there.

Dr. Jared: Do you think it attributable to aquatic fauna? Intermingling currents or the breeze, perchance?

█████: The water was crystal clear, no wind to speak of… I think…

Dr. Jared: Yes?

█████: Everything… in and around the lake was dead – or dying. Not the trees or plants, but… There were dozens of fish – frogs, washed up on the shore, birds, and a dozen or so small mammals on the brink. I think that's why I went to the lake. Stench of death – curiosity…

Dr. Jared: Surely, you must have told someone?

█████: No.

Dr. Jared: No?

█████: I thought… some sickness, a blight. Returned home – shotgun, ax, matches, gloves, shells. Put everything out of its misery – ran out of shells… Ax. Felled firewood, made a pyre. Burned everything, gloves too. Rinsed ax in the la –

(█████ enters a catatonic state, his breathing the only movement evident.)

Dr. Jared: Mr. █████?


(█████ surveys the room, apparently stupefied.)

█████: Hello? Who are you?

Dr. Jared: My name is Dr. Jared. You were jus –

█████: - ke. Pyre coll… collapsed. Smoke… (raising both arms above his head and waving) Understand?

Dr. Jared: The pyre collapsed and a cloud of smoke billowed upward?

█████: (nodding vigorously) Yes! Umbra in smoke. Like heat shimmer. Faint. Hard to see – but see.

Dr. Jared: Interesting.

█████: Darker since… (gesturing to Hachigan and Went)

Dr. Jared: Darker?

█████: Yes. Clearer, more def… defined.

Dr. Jared: Hand me Went's reports and Hachigan's ████████, Bianchi.

Hachigan: I think Went burned my ████████, sir.

Dr. Jared: That's quite the accusation, Agent.

Hachigan: I don't make it lightly, sir.

Dr. Jared: I know you can recreate them. Do so, please, after you confiscate Ms. Went's firearms.

Went: I did no such thing! It's not my fau –

Dr. Jared: Went, we will resolve this issue later. For the time being, I request that you cooperate… and be aware that if I so much as catch you glancing sideways at the door again, I'll shoot you on the spot. Is this understood?

Went: Yes, sir.

Dr. Jared: (pauses briefly) I find your field reports wanting, Ms. Went, in volume and number. (sighs)


Dr. Jared: (hesitant) If anyone else can see the entity, please indicate where, for the record.

Dr. Bianchi: Seated in the chair beside Mr. █████. It appears to be staring at the fireplace.

█████: I told you! I told you Umbra got darker!

Hachigan: I agree with Dr. Bianchi, sir.

Dr. Jared: Mr. Pierfax?

Pierfax: Oh, sorry. I see the entity as well, seated adjacent Mr. █████. It seems to be drawn to the fire.

Dr. Jared: Went?

Went: I see it, too.

Dr. Jared: For posterity's sake, how long have you seen it?

Went: Just now –

Hachigan: Since around the end of our first meeting with Mr. █████. I confirmed it with Went at the time. I insisted we keep Mr. █████ isolated, take measures to isolate ourselves, just in case. When we left, it stayed with █████. We bribed the receptionist at the inn we were staying at to leave us the entire building for a week. Our first meeting outside the residence took place at the inn. After we escorted Mr. █████ home, Went put her sixshooter to my head and took my ████████, made me swear to keep my mouth shut. Pretend like I never saw nothin'.

Dr. Jared: Why didn't you –

Hachigan: Her word against mine, sir?

Dr. Jared: (pauses) Understood, Hachigan. Pass this under the door, but don't open it, if you please… God forgive me.

(Dr. Jared proceeded to shoot Dr. Bianchi, Agent Went, and Agent Hachigan each once in the head.)

█████: (Jumping from his seat) Dear G… God, man! Ha… have y… y… you lost your m… mind?

Dr. Jared: I fear it was my turn to afford mercies, Mr. █████. Please, return to your seat.

█████: Y… you k… kil… killed –

Dr. Jared: Sit down or I'll blast your fucking kneecaps. Now… does the entity appear any different than before?

█████: (long pause) Li… lighter.

Dr. Jared: More specifically?

█████: F… fain… fain-ter th… than… a mo… moment a… go.

Dr. Jared: Can you corroborate that, Mr. Pierfax?

Pierfax: Yes, sir.

Dr. Jared: Let the record show I concur with Mr. Pierfax and Mr. █████.


<End Log>

Closing Statement: It won't let me do it. I killed Agent Went, Agent Hachigan, Dr. Bianchi, Mr. Pierfax and Mr. █████, but it knows what I'm trying to do. It won't let me.

It's too dangerous. Clever. Too fucking clever. Shouldn't be studied. Risk too great, too easily spread? Buried. Bury it. Concrete, steel, lead. If it's contained. Leave it lie. Not sure if it can die.

Dr. Jared's Note

The door to Exam Room 3 is to remain closed at all times. Under no circumstances should it be opened. All personnel are to remain at least twenty (20) meters away from Exam Room 3 at all times, except to retrieve any notes or documentation that follows. All documents should be taken directly to the first available Clearance Level 4 staff member, including this note. Any personnel attempting to enter Exam Room 3 are to be detained. Any personnel attempting to exit Exam Room 3 are to be shot dead. This shoot-to-kill directive shall not be rescinded for any reason.

Dr. Jared

Testimony of Thomas ████

Interviewed: Thomas ████

Interviewer: Dr. Andrew

Foreword: Thomas ████ is a member of Installation █ security staff. He was on duty as the events of June 11th unfolded and subsequently tasked with overseeing the entombment of Exam Room 3. This interview is to allow formal documentation of activity observed by Mr. Thomas.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Andrew: I know these past few days have been exhausting for you, so I'll try to keep this brief. What was your involvement in the events of June 11th?

Thomas: Day started normal enough, until some Level 4 pulls me off patrol duty, tells me to camp the hall outside Exam Room 3 with a shotgun. Tells me to blast anyone that so much as pokes their head out of the door before he takes off down the hallway. No clue where he ran off to.

Dr. Andrew: Then what happened?

Thomas: Heard gunshots and some shouting. Quiet for a while, then more gunshots. I kept note of the times. Few minutes after that, Dr. Jared opened the door, tried to exit the room. The door slammed shut on his arm; I think I heard a crack. He had a manila envelope in his hand, threw it into the hallway.

Dr. Andrew: Continue.

Thomas: He looked me straight in the eyes, something beyond mortal terror on his face. Begged me [DATA EXPUNGED] and I hesitated… I don't think I'll ever forgive myself for that. Looked like he was doing his damnedest to force that door open. Something must have been holding it closed from the inside. I reckon something was trying to drag him back in.

Dr. Andrew: Why is that?

Thomas: After about a minute, it was only his fingers wrapped around the edge of the door, blood dripping from his hand onto the floor. Sounded like something rammed the door trying to force it shut, Dr. Jared screamed in pain, and his fingers were severed between the door and its frame. Whatever it was, though, it didn't want him dead. He was still alive three days later, when we sealed the room up air-tight. Could hear him in there praying, pleading, rambling incoherently… occasionally screaming.

Dr. Andrew: If you'd like to pau -

Thomas: No, Doc, I'm fine. The thing that bothered me the most was that the screaming, that was always followed by the smell of burning flesh.

Dr. Andrew: Flesh?

Thomas: Human flesh. That smell, once you know it, you can't mistake it for anything else. I was a dumb kid with my first six shooter, picked up a spent casing right after reloading. Didn't make that mistake twice.

Dr. Andrew: That will be all, ████.

<End Log>

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