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<kaktus> Thanks for chatting with me. You're one of the only moderators I could get a hold of.

<Drewbear> no prob. so what did you want to ask me?

<kaktus> Mainly what led you to join and then leave the SCP Foundation.

<Drewbear> well, I remember that I found the wiki around… spring of 2009? March-ish? somebody I knew linked it on Livejournal. I thought it was fun and decided to stick around.

<kaktus> Did you ever contribute anything?

<Drewbear> just comments and stuff. I never wrote anything for it. the atmosphere was kinda toxic, even when I joined, and I didn't want to put myself through that

<kaktus> So why did you join Staff?

<Drewbear> 'cause I felt honored, mostly. they liked me enough to want me on board and I thought that I might be able to fix some of the toxicity

<Drewbear> didn't work, though

<kaktus> In the end, what made you quit?

<Drewbear> well, it was fun at first, there were a lot of really neat things on there. my favorite was that rock that opened up mirrors to another world. don't remember the details, though. it's been a while

<Drewbear> anyway, I left because there was just so much… garbage on there that it got boring or just disgusting. anyone could post anything and nothing got deleted, so /so much/ crap stuck around

<Drewbear> literal crap, too. there was this mobile sentient mass of shit and filth that stalked people… whatever, it was bad

<Drewbear> I think it came to a head for me when someone posted this really disgusting rape fantasy thing and I realized that it would be there forever. I mean, sure there was a voting system, but it's not like it /meant/ anything

<Drewbear> something could be at 100 and great or -20 and utter shit, and they'd both stick around. and no-one seemed to /care/ that it would all stick around

<Drewbear> "just don't read it if you don't like it, newfag!"

<Drewbear> "STFU u don even write!'"

<Drewbear> stuff like that

<kaktus> Yeah, I can see how that would be demoralizing.

<Drewbear> no kidding. there had been talk of doing a staff-controlled cleanup, but nothing ever came of it. I left a little after that, around the end of 2010

<Drewbear> didn't see a reason to keep going with something that couldn't/wouldn't weed out the increasing amount of awful

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