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Site-15 Long-Term Non-Anomalous Item Storage Facility

Item Record

Locker #: 2049-010

Ref: Items 1-19 of 19

Archived By: Dr. ██████ █████████

Set of nineteen (19) Western Digital Xe server hard drives.

Items were recovered from multiple disabled Foundation servers following an incident on 2012-██-██. At 1136 hours, an outside intrusion was detected by security filters and the B cluster of Site-15's Anomalous Computing Laboratory was automatically quarantined. Due to ACL quarantine protocol and misreporting of the incident, the cluster was isolated from all outside contact for a period of seventeen (17) hours, after which a complete lack of activity was confirmed and the quarantine was lifted.

Upon forensic examination of the disabled servers that comprised ACL Cluster B, it was determined that the detected intrusion was an adaptive, polymorphic virus of unknown origin. This intrusion was engaged by automated security software instanned in theACL cluster ("CERBERUS"). It is not known at this time whether CERBERUS succeeded in removing the infection or whether outside intervention of some kind resulted in the cessation of activity.

The attached data was recovered from corrupted files and documents on the affected hard drives.

Inactive Drafts

The Wall of Shame

Stuff that was deleted by staff vote

  • SCP-065 - Recurrent Migratory Crop Circles - Crop circles that moved between fields and [DATA EXPUNGED] if you tried to figure out how they came or went. Yeah, it was that lame.
  • SCP-160 - Parasitic Worm - A parasite that made its host stronger in order to spread. Went through multiple rewrites, eventually deleted.
  • SCP-420 - Pen of Forgery - A pen that, with a drop of blood from a subject, could write in that person's handwriting. Too much of a magic item.
  • SCP-748 - Temporarily Lethal Handgun - A handgun whose wounds closed after a while, bringing the victim back to life and made them feel sorry about bad things they'd done. Yeeeeep, pretty lame.
  • SCP-788 - Repercussive Target - A paper gun target that would cause all damage done to it to be done to the person who fired the gun.
  • SCP-907 - Infinite Magazine (and accompanying extended log) - A M16 (STANAG) magazine that had infinite ammunition and sometimes shot out "strange" ammunition. Deleted at +9 during the Mass Edit.

Stuff that I self-deleted due to epic fail

  • SCP-270 - Second Chances - The original that would become 069, it was pretty terrible.
  • A location in the Amazon Rain Forest that was an ancient containment center for something terrible.
  • The original Abandoned Radar Station. Was determined to be 'not interesting'.
  • SCP-907 - Engraved Silver Bullets - Rewrite of 907, still OTT.
  • SCP-069 - Disintegrating Scorpions - Tried to repost, deleted again. Too OTT.
  • SCP-1899 - Lost Knowledge - A kid whose mind was being overwritten by ancient, forgotten knowledge to the point where he progressively lost all his memories, motor skills, consciousness, and is finally about to lose the ability to even breathe. Too close to SCP-769.
  • SCP-1930 - Spider Tree - A Brazil nut tree that grew spiders made of plant material that tended to it, and eventually buried themselves to plant more. Was unintentionally far too similar to SCP-937.
  • SCP-617-J - Extra-Special Containment Procedures - A joke SCP making fun of containment procedures memes. Considered too close to SCP-5308-J. Update: Deleted twice because Clef made me post it again. C'est la vie.
  • SCP-1760 - Phoenix Grass - Grass that set itself on fire when it matured, to spread its seeds. Considered not anomalous enough.
  • SCP-069-J-2 - The Sisters of Cheyenne Point 2: Back to School - Apparently, it wasn't funny enough for a sequel.
  • SCP-1992-J - The Song That Never Ends - Continuing to prove that I have a weird (read: unfunny) sense of humor.

Random Ideas

  • An entity that hunts anomalous objects, but has deferred to the Foundation because while we're not perfect, we're doing a better job than it is.
  • Nala
  • A joke SCP that involves a non-anomalous bum who has a paranoid researcher convinced that he's a SCP. Hilarity ensues as other researchers realize that something is amiss.
  • A fairy tablet. As in, an iPad.
  • The anti-goose.
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