Aelanna Rp

Construct Designation: 006-1069-7

006-1069-7 is a Foundation-built artificial intelligence construct created at the direction of Assistant Site Director Dr. Rachel Mackenzie utilizing experimental technology adapted from SCP-### and SCP-####.

As a prototype sixth-generation artificial intelligence construct, 1069-7 is equipped with full tier one through tier three personality safety interlocks, which are to be manually diagnosed on a daily basis by attending technicians. Furthermore, 1069-7 is scheduled for mandatory weekly power-down and memory matrix diagnostics to ensure continued safe operations within established personality guidelines.

1069-7 is currently tasked with data analysis and insight generation across a limited database of Level 2 (Restricted) research data regarding Special Containment Procedures objects under Foundation control. At the request of Dr. Mackenzie and with permission from Site-15 Command, 1069-7 has been allowed to generate a tier four personality matrix for the purpose of human-AI interaction testing. 1069-7 has self-identified as female and requested the name "Nala"; its generated avatar resembles a female anthropomorphic humanoid feline dressed in clothing consistent with a "Southern Belle" archetype. Site-15's AI personality research team is investigating the significance of these self-identification markers.

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