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Concentrated Nonexistence

SCP-XXXX at initial discovery.

Note: I know the image looks like a bad Photoshop, but that's pretty much what it would actually look like.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the immovable nature of SCP-XXXX Area-413 has been constructed around it. SCP-XXXX itself is contained 10m above the ground in a 10m x 10m x 20m containment unit monitored by 1 camera on each wall, the ceiling, and the floor. Any object visible inside of SCP-XXXX should be recorded and removed at the first opportunity. Should SCP-XXXX expand to within 3m of the edge of the containment unit, a YK-Class World Existence Failure scenario may result. Therefore, Protocol-XXXX-13/23 should be initiated in the event of such an occurrence.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an area of space located in ███ █████, California, with a constantly shifting shape and size, and a current volume of approximately 27m3. SCP-XXXX has been shown to only shift into shapes that fit within a rectangular area roughly 5m3 larger than its current volume. SCP-XXXX appears to be a solid black in color as a side affect of its anomalous properties. Any object that attempts to enter the space occupied by SCP-XXXX will cease to exist inside of that space. Any part of the object outside of SCP-XXXX will continue to exist uninhibited. SCP-XXXX will increase in volume relative to the mass of the object inserted by a factor of 9cm3 for every 0.6kg of mass introduced. Objects inserted can be recovered only if a portion of the object remains outside of SCP-XXXX, as moving the exposed portion will cause the rest of the object to move along with it resulting in SCP-XXXX's volume decreasing accordingly. SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties have proven effective on both inorganic and organic matter, including radio, light, and gamma waves.

Due to the constant shifting of SCP-XXXX's shape parts of previously inserted objects are often exposed, allowing for removal. Thus far all forty eight (48) objects recovered from SCP-XXXX have proven to be non anomalous and are stored in object storage room 7B.

Addendum-XXXX-1: On 7/12/20██ a plain piece of lined notebook paper was retrieved from SCP-XXXX with the following written on it in American English:

Dear SCP Foundation,

I've known about you for a while and have been following your work. I am grateful for the things you do to keep us common folk safe from these things you secure, contain, and protect us from. I've been thinking about it for a while, and I decided to do something to help you guys out in return for the things you do. You seemed to be having a lot of trouble with some of your SCPs, so I created this as a way for you to dispose of some of the particularly unruly little bastards, like six eighty-two or zero seventy-six or maybe even those damned cakes. Anyway, I hope this helps,

Always watching,
Seymour Cornelius Particular, a fan.

Addendum-XXXX-2: A test was conducted where multiple anomalous objects were introduced to SCP-XXXX. Upon introduction of the first object SCP-XXXX began to wildly shift in shape and size, ignoring its usual limit, and began increasing in volume at a rate of 87cm3 for every 0.4kg of mass introduced. The anomalous object was removed and SCP-XXXX ceased reaction. Testing with anomalous objects suspended until further notice.

Addendum-XXXX-3: On 9/23/20██ an envelope was found outside of Area-413 addressed to The Foundation. Inside was a typed letter in English:

Dear SCP Foundation,

Well, fuck. That didn't work.

Always watching,
Seymour Cornelius Particular, a fan.

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