Aftermath Mundane

Interviewed: Former Agent ██████

Interviewer: Dr Hoek

Foreword: Subject appears fatigued and agitated.

<Begin Log, [15/3/██ 1511 Hours]>

Dr Hoek: For the record, state your name.


Dr Hoek: I’ll ask again. State your name for the record.

Agent ██████: You [EXPLETIVE DELETED] know my name. You know everything. You knew who I was before I was recruited. You even knew ██████

Dr Hoek: If you are not willing to cooperate then I will have no choice but to recommend indefinite containment. So please, for the last time,
state your name.

[Subject sighs, scratches head and opens eyes for the first time.]

Agent ██████: My name is Agent █████ ██████. I was a member of MTF █ at the time of the incident.

Dr Hoek: Refresh my memory.

[Subject appears to be suppressing tears]

Take your time.

Agent ██████: We were told about the violence that was going on in [REDACTED]. We were going after a suspected SCP. Codenamed “Samsa”

Dr Hoek: SCP ██. I am familiar with that specific SCP. Enunciate clearly what happened during the operation.

Agent ██████: We landed in █████ at approximately 19:00. We [REDACTED] the hotel and moved into the basement.

Dr Hoek: What did you see?

Agent ██████: They were everywhere. We counted ███ hanging from the roof. Samsa was there. Sitting in the middle of [REDACTED].

Dr Hoek: That is when you retreated?

[Subject is weeping freely now]

Agent ██████: I had no [EXPLETIVE DELETED] choice. The [EXPLETIVE DELETED] pods started bursting! I saw [REDACTED] open and all these things started pouring [REDACTED].

[Subject begins head butting the table. Subject strikes table five (5) times before being restrained]

Dr Hoek: I will ask you to restrain yourself.

Agent ██████: Agent █████ and I were the only ones left. The others….

[Subject looks at hands and is silent for 16.49 seconds]

Agent ██████: That’s when the airstrike happened. The whole building collapsed. I had gotten out by then. I saw it get out. I saw that [EXPLETIVE DELETED] thing crawling up the wall of the fire station. It [REDACTED]. I don’t care what you people say. It DID escape. I saw it.

Dr Hoek: When did the manifestations occur?

Agent ██████: About a week after I was allowed go home. It started small. I’d see something out of the corner of my eye. Then the chittering. I saw its eyes in my curtains. Chewing gum started talking to me. Then my wife…

[Subject again begins weeping]

Agent ██████: She had its [EXPLETIVE DELETED] eyes. She had its eyes!

[Subject attempts to struggle but cannot.. Subject is weeping hysterically.]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Subject was originally interred following events on █/██/████ wherein the subject murdered and [REDACTED] his wife and █ year old child. The manifestations described by Subject are incongruous with any related effects of contact with SCP ███. The Subject has refused psychiatric evaluation. Suspected to be a victim of one or several mundane mental disorders. Subject has been interred indefinitely. Skills in combat and a previously unblemished record have prevented demotion to D Class.

Addendum: Subject committed suicide at approximately 0215 hours on ██/██/████. Subject was able to commit suicide by [DATA EXPUNGED]

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