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Here are my current SCP "Projects":

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Instance of SCP-XXXX-A

Special Containment Procedures: Any instances of SCP-XXXX-A are to be contained in room 203-B in site 25, which is to be constantly lighted by at least four(4) model 4BX5 oil torches or other non-electrical sources of light capable of illuminating the entire room. Under no circumstances is any instance of SCP-XXXX-A to be placed in total darkness or in less than a hundred(100) meters from an electrical light source. In case of failure of automated mechanisms of illumination of room 203-B, D-class personnel are to be sent into the room with appropiate means to restore them. D-class personel are to kept being sent until illumination of the room is restored. In the meantime, all areas around room 203-B should be illuminated, exclusively with non-electrical means.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous phenomenon composed of two main elements, SCP-XXXX-A, and SCP-XXXX-B.
SCP-XXXX-A is the collective name used to refer to electric light sources, such as lightbulbs and nightlights, affected by SCP-XXXX. Instances of SCP-XXXX-A exhibit no anomalous chemical or physical properties when illuminated by a non-electric light source, such as daylight or candles or torches. The anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX-A are manifested when it is the sole significant light source capable of illuminating an area, or when the only other light source capable of illuminating said area is electrical. At that point any instances SCP-XXX-An and any other electrical light sources in its inmediate vicinity will turn off, if they were switched on at the moment, and begin manifesting SCP-XXXX-B. Any electrical light sources that do so will become new instances of SCP-XXXX-A, if they weren't previously. It should be noted that SCP-XXXX-A does not appear to require electricity for this process.

SCP-XXXX-B appears to be some sort of anomalous type of light that does not illuminate most matter and is effectively invisible except when it reflects on an object (or objects),at which point said reflection manifests as an SCP-XXXX-B-1 entity. No means to predict in which object(s) will SCP-XXXX-B will be reflected have been devised yet, but it appears to be related to the reflection being able to appear as some sort of shape, be it concrete or abstract, that can be recognized by a human.

SCP-XXXX-B-1 entities are "light constructs" that are extremely hostile to humans, attempting to kill them by various means, which vary depending of the shape of the entity. The following test logs elaborate on various of the entities manifested by SCP-XXXX to date.

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a locker at Site 19’s safe item storehouse. The locker is to be kept closed at all times, except with express authorization from O5-3. No further containment measures are necessary.

Description: SCP-XXX is currently a red vintage five (5) dollar casino chip from the ███████ ██████ Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The chip superficially appears to be composed of clay, just like other chips of its kind, however, when chemically analyzed, it is revealed to be composed of coagulated human blood. Its main anomalous property appears to be its ability to replicate itself and destroy its own replicas. SCP-XXX appears to create copies of itself when in contact with human blood; the number of copies it creates is directly related to the amount of blood it is in contact with, creating approximately 100 chips per liter. SCP-XXX's self-destruction process appears to be intended to prevent anyone from winning money at gambling from SCP-XXX's user by disintegrating itself unless SCP-XXX's user wins. Observed cases so far are:

1. When playing a game of blackjack, any instances of SCP-XXX not in the possession of the player that introduced the instance(s) to the game after the player leaves the table will self-destruct, crumbling into dust.

2. If a player bets the chips(s) in any form of Roulette game, once the player that introduced SCP-XXX to the game leaves, any instance of SCP-XXX remaining with the House will crumble into dust.

3. When played in a cash game of poker, if anyone else than the player that originally brought SCP-XXX into the game ends up having any copies of SCP-XXX after leaving the game, they self-destruct.

4. If used as a buy-in in a poker tournament, if the player that bought in using SCP-XXX leaves the ends the tournament in a position with no winnings, any instances of SCP-XXX in the prize pool will self-destruct.

In all cases, if a player causes the last instance of SCP-XXX to self-destruct, the player will start feeling pain in one of their extremities, described as feeling as if they were receiving a cut, and then [DATA EXPUNGED], generating a single instance of SCP-XXX. Any leftover blood from the injury will not activate SCP-XXX's self-replication process.

SCP-XXX was found on November 9, 1966, after employees from ███████ ██████ informed local law enforcement of a suspected cheater upon seeing some of the instances of SCP-XXX disintegrate. A Foundation contact within the police department reported on it, leading to Task Force ██████ investigating the casino and recovering all instances of SCP-XXX in a few days. After this, SCP-XXX was tested by Doctor ████ by using it in various gambling simulations inside of a controlled environment, discovering it self-destructing properties. Dr. ██████ was the first known person to trigger [DATA EXPUNGED] upon causing the last instance of SCP-XXX to self-destruct while testing SCP-XXX on a roulette game. This was followed by tests with D-class personnel with blackjack and poker, confirming that [DATA EXPUNGED] happens upon losing the last copy of SCP-XXX in the vast majority of casino games, for exceptions, see the Addendum.

Addendum: SCP-XXX does not appear to display any of its anomalous properties when used in a game created later than 1966. The reasons for this are currently believed to be due to a possible connection between SCP-XXX and the opening of the ███████ ██████ Casino, founded that same year.

SCP-XXXX-1 sitting at SCP-XXXX-2

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-1 is to be provided a room of ten (10) square meters at site 19, with no need for furniture or any kind of special construction materials to be placed in it. Due to SCP-XXXX-1’s nature, strictly physical containment is impossible. However three (3) measures are to be enforced to prevent SCP-XXXX from leaving SCP XXXX-2, in which it voluntarily contains itself:

1. No Foundation personnel are to carry physical currency of any kind on themselves in a ten (10) meter radius around SCP-XXXX-2. Any purchases in vending machines or the site cantina are to be done with credit or debit cards. Failure to do so will be subject to administrative sanction according to Protocol 45-7b/████

2. While in a radius of ten (10) meters of SCP-XXXX-2, Foundation personnel are never to address more than one person at a time in conversation, unless they state at the beggining of the conversation who they are addressing in it.

3. Foundation personnel are to submit requisitions for any kind of equipment, from advanced tools to paperclips directly to the site 19 storehouse if they have been in a twenty (20) meter radius of SCP-XXXX within the last twenty four (24) hours, and never ask for any material goods or currency to non-storehouse personnel while in the aforementioned twenty four (24) hour period.

SCP-XXXX is a one hundred and eighty (180) centimeter tall and weighs thirty (30) kilograms. It is a humanoid creature that appears to have what resembles physical characteristics of the Cygnus olor subspecies of Swan, such as an orange beak and white feathers covering its entire body. Its feet also appear to be similar to those of an aquatic avian. In the place of hands, it has feather formations resembling the appendages, though the lack of actual fingers does not appear to impair its ability to grab, write and otherwise employ these appendages as if they were actual hands. X-Ray scanning reveals to have a skeleton that looks avian yet is twisted and molded in some parts, resulting in an external humanoid appearance. Its bones are hollow, explaining its low weight. SCP-XXXX is capable of human speech, appearing to only understand the English language, and it speaks with a undetermined form of British accent, always doing so in a soft and polite manner. It is also capable of dressing itself, and it is always seen wearing a business suit.

Apart from its extraordinary anatomy, SCP-XXXX has several anomalous, reality altering abilities:

After being placed in an empty provisional holding cell before further study indicated the ideal way to contain it, SCP-XXXX made an office room, similar to the one he was found in, appear out of thin air inside of the cell, None of the items appear to have any extraordinary attribute about them. SCP-XXXX has a telephone in its room, however, while it objects to it being removed, it doesn’t mind having it unplugged as long as it remains in its cell. Video surveillance reveals SCP-XXXX does not actually use it. Its cell, like the office before it, have been determined to act as SCP-XXX-1’s “home”, The area SCP-XXX-1 turns into its “home” has been designated as SCP-XXXX-2

SCP-XXXX-1’s most dangerous effect are its “loans”, which are a phenomenon that can start in several ways:
1. Someone asks for a small amount or cash to buy something (i.e., a euro to get a cup of coffee from a vending machine) within ten (10) meters of SCP-XXXX-2. SSCP-XXXX-1 will appear out of thin air near the person who asked for the money, but out of their line of sight, and offer them the money verbally. Most people will say yes before turning to see SCP-XXXX-1,and when they have done so, they fall under SCP-XXXX-1’ control, who will guide them to SCP-XXXX-2 and make them sign a document where “Swan Loans, Inc.” lends the money, at an enormously high interest, such as 1000% or 1000000%.
2. Similar to the above, only the person asks for a small everyday item, such as a pen or a paperclip. In that case, the loan document will state a “market value” for the item, usually several hundred times the actual value of the item.
3. Someone asks for a higher amount of money (Appearing to start a quantity of 10 euros or more) or a more valuable item. In this case, the person will receive a message, such an sms , a note or a letter, telling them to go to SCP-XXXX-2 to get it. No matter the kind of obstacles put on the way to it or whether the door is blocked in some way, SCP-XXXX-1’s abilities make the would be victim arrive safely at SCP-XXX-2, where a loan with similar exorbitant interests is signed. It must be noted that in this case, the subject is not subject to any compulsion until they enter SCP-XXX-2
4. A subject willingly walks into SCP-XXXX-2 and asks for a loan. The subject will be placed under compulsion once they sign it.

In all cases, subjects under SCP-XXXX-1’ compulsion do not appear to find anything strange in SCP-XXXX-1’s appearance or in its loan conditions. However, people not subject to the compulsion will be understandably unnerved by SCP-XXXX-1 appearance and its activities, however, any attempt to warn a controlled subject will be ignored, the only way to stop a person under SCP-XXX-1’s influence is by direct physical restraining or incapacitation.

Once a subject has taken a loan from SCP-XXX-1, their debt will increase exponentially with no way to stop it. Their property will be damaged in ways any insurance they might have will not cover, and any services they hire to repair these damages will always be a subsidiary of “Swan Loans, Inc.”, the subject will only know about this once the bills arrive. Once the subject is so submerged in debt, he or she will eventually have an emotional breakdown over it. Then he or she will go confront SCP-XXXX-1 at SCP-XXXX-2. Then, SCP-XXX-1 will tell the subject there is only one way out of debt, and provide the subject with a gun from one of its desk’s compartments. The subject will then proceed to commit suicide by shooting themselves in the head. SCP-XXXX-1 will then place the gun back into the compartment. Inspection of the compartment after a victim commits suicide fails to find the gun.

SCP-XXXX-1 was found on 06/24/████, after several cases of suicide in the town of [DATA EXPUNGED]. When the local police investigated these suicides they found that all the victims had in common one thing, owing significant amounts of money to “Swan Loans, Inc.” Going to the address indicated in a “Swan Loans Inc.” business card found in one of the suicide victim’s wallet, they found an office room with SCP-XXXX-1 in it. The policemen tried calling the FBI, but after they started describing a supernatural monster, the call was intercepted by the Foundation, which, posing as higher ranking FBI agents arrived to SCP-XXXX’s location. SCP-XXXX didn’t resist arrest, nor did it object to being contained.

Addendum: When a subject willingly enters SCP-XXXX-2 willingly, SCP-XXXX-1 will say: “Welcome to Swan Loans's Site 19 Branch, a subsidiary of Swangroup! How can I help you today?” and proceed to offer a variety of other financial services such as insurances or mortgages. Asking for such services is forbidden until further notice by Doctor ███████

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