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Item #: SCP-2785

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2785 is to be contained in a Standard Type-A Humanoid Containment Cell at Site-43's Humanoid Wing. Surrounding laboratories are to observe heightened biosecurity protocols. If spiders outside the containment cell are identified to be SCP-2785-A instances, privileges (currently, access to a small collection of books, writing materials and two live tarantulas) will be restricted as necessary.

As per recent Quality of Life Charter amendments, SCP-2785 is to be permitted fortnightly meetings with a Humanoid Anomaly Specialist (currently Dr. Adileh Khayyam) for the purpose of ensuring its mental health.

Description: SCP-2785 is an Australian woman of Chinese descent, standing at 175cm tall and weighing 83 kilograms. SCP-2785 is capable of replacing arbitrary quantity of its bodily mass with an equivalent mass of various members of the Salticidae family (i.e. jumping spiders.) SCP-2785 has demonstrated some degree of control over this property and mostly appears to suffer no ill-effects from this process — for example, replacing a large quantity of blood with spiders does not cause symptoms of hypovolemia.

SCP-2785 has some degree of visible control over spiders it creates in this manner (designated SCP-2785-A), being able to generally direct their movement and feeling sharp pain when SCP-2785-A instances are killed. SCP-2785 is also capable of receiving limited visual input from SCP-2785-A instances, reporting poor peripheral vision but enhanced focus on faraway objects.

Notably, SCP-2785 is capable of converting not only SCP-2785-A but also ordinary jumping spiders into equivalent body mass, usually in order to repair wounds on its body. SCP-2785 typically accomplishes this by placing spiders on the target area, where they then convert into appropriate tissue. Recently, SCP-2785 has expressed discomfort with performing this (see Interview SCP-2785-A.)

Interview SCP-2785-A: Excerpt from Post-Recovery Interview

SCP-2785 was recovered on the 3rd of March after it demonstrated anomalous properties while in hospital for injuries sustained during a car crash — at the time, it was using its visits to the on-site garden to procure spiders in order to aid its convalescence. Class-A amnestics were distributed and SCP-2785 taken into custody under the guise of police detainment.

  • Ship of Theseus
  • How many spiders do I need to consume before I'm not me anymore
  • "It gets difficult sometimes. But that's okay."
  • "Maybe I'll talk to them one day."
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