Item Number #: SCP-3333

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3333 is to be held inside a containment chamber, It has no goals inside of containment and to be checked twice daily. Inorder for no breaches, it is to be kept guarded by 10 or 9 armed forces.

Description: Since SCP-3333 has alot of power and can form into anything, SCP-3333 is a regular Cacasuian male with muscular build, However, when making contact with SCP-3333, it will change form, and/or kill the subject (SCP-3333-1) Since it acts like anything, it is to be terminated on sight easily. Whenever terminated on sight, it will regain consciousness and kill the victim.

Experiment 3333-1: Subject 2914 was found inside of SCP-3333's containment chamber, SCP-3333 directly killed Subject 2914's body was sent to the incinerator.

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