Regular SCPs

SCP-XXXX: Foxbat Ace

Photo recovered from Soviet records of SCP-XXXX during a test flight.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept within Hangar 08 at Site-22 under armed guard. Miniature cameras are to be installed at all times within the cockpit, with all recording devices to be double-checked for functionality. Routine maintenance is to be carried out on a bi-weekly basis for upkeep of all flight systems and hydraulics. Hydraulic fluid may be changed as needed but SCP-XXXX is not to be given fuel unless specified. Electromagnetic activity from SCP-XXXX-01 is to be monitored at all times and recorded.

Once every month, SCP-XXXX is to be deployed for a test flight which may last no longer than 90 minutes with the escort of two heavily-modified F-15 Eagle chase aircraft modified to pursuit/testing specification deployed from ██████, with four standard F-15Cs on standby. In all released public reports, all aircraft are to be described as performing exercises. Pilot is to wear SCP-XXXX-02 and a pressure suit for test flight and double-check all systems; translations from the original Russian Cyrillic are to be provided in the language of the pilot's choosing on their checklist. Subject is to be taken to maximum speed and altitude, tested for alterations in flight characteristics and immediately landed. Distance traveled and speeds reached will be confirmed by satellite and from Site-22 ground installations. Pilot must follow all instructions from ground control and is under no circumstances to deviate from the testing pattern, nor to exit authorized airspace. At no point is the pilot to remove SCP-XXXX-02 until instructed to do so while monitored by a staff member. For all emergencies the pilot must either attempt to save SCP-XXXX or eject, and is still prohibited from abandoning SCP-XXXX-02. Removal is permitted, but only in an emergency situation. Recovery of SCP-XXXX and all related materials will be prioritized with witnesses, staff and pilot debriefed and processed according to Procedure 54-Baker. If SCP-XXXX's pilot has ejected or expired and the subject is on a crash course towards a populated area, chase pilots are to initiate Procedure 61-Powers.

All pilots must undergo physical, mental and psychological testing for candidacy to perform test flights, and must pass all background checks. Pilots are to be rotated on a flight-by-flight basis. No single pilot may fly SCP-XXXX more than once in at least a three-month span. Pilots must be transported to Site-22 blindfolded by aircraft from their accommodations on Site-26. Any active pilots exhibiting symptoms of Event-XXXX-03 are prohibited from flying and may be ejected from rotation pending investigation.

Addendum XXXX-01:Following complaints during the test flight on ██-██-████, all Site-22 pilots and personnel shall undergo mandatory training in Russian, especially in the reading of Cyrillic to eliminate the added cost and complications of guides and manuals.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 fighter aircraft, NATO recording name "Foxbat." This particular variant was known as the MiG-25RU or Foxbat-C in the West, primarily used in the training of pilots in flying the reconnaissance versions of the Foxbat. To that end it has a second cockpit in tandem with the normal cockpit so that a pilot and student may fly together. The front cockpit, however, has been painted over to match the anti-glare black paint normally seen from the cockpit down to the nose. On the canopy is Cyrillic which translates loosely to "RESTRICTED."

Upon opening the front cockpit, it is observed that the subject's corresponding seat has been removed, replaced instead with a armored steel container filling up the space within, also painted black and with the Red Star painted on it. The bottom half of the container appears welded into place and the top half possesses a lid held in place with eight heavy hex bolts screwed into countersunk holes, keeping it in place.

Removal of the lid reveals what shall be referred to as SCP-XXXX-01. SCP-XXXX-01 is an armored box measuring 10" x 20" x 14" with numerous sockets and ports for cables on the top panel. The frontal cockpit's modifications include these cables and their respective plugs, all secured with hex heads in a manner similar to coaxial cables. SCP-XXXX-01's container also appears to contain a sprung floor and padded lid, presumably to protect it from high-gee maneuvers during flight.

SCP-XXXX-01 is held together using comprehensive welding, and appears to have no hatches or other openings for access. Attempts to X-ray it have merely determined that SCP-XXXX-01 must be lined with lead or a similarly dense compound. Its construction and properties make it impossible to view using magnetic resonance imaging, and after testing confirmed the inside was filled with fluid of indeterminate type, ultrasound imaging is prohibited to avoid disturbance of the contents.

The fluid SCP-XXXX-01 is filled with is of an unknown composition, although it can be speculated that it is incredibly dense and appears to affect SCP-XXXX-01's weight balance in a manner suggesting the inside is compartmentalized in some manner.

Despite SCP-XXXX-01's apparent construction, it appears to exhibit electromagnetic activity, projecting an erratic field which has been proven to stabilize when mounted in its proper place in SCP-XXXX.

It is related to a second object, referred to as SCP-XXXX-02. SCP-XXXX-02 is a heavily-modified Gsh-6 high-altitude flight helmet which has been altered with added material along the top of the helmet, housing and protecting a series of plugs for similar coaxial cables. These cables are connected in two places: one set of connections is built into the rear cockpit above the ejection seat, and the other is built into SCP-XXXX-02. This design is apparently meant to allow the helmet and pilot to easily separate from SCP-XXXX in the event of an ejection.

SCP-XXXX is flyable without SCP-XXXX-01 or SCP-XXXX-02. Under these circumstances, subject performs as a normal MiG-25RU. Ceiling, cruising and dash speed, and range are consistent with normal performance abilities and limitations of its make and model.

However, when a pilot wears SCP-XXXX-02 while SCP-XXXX-01 is mounted and attempts to fly the aircraft, an event now referred to as Event-XXXX-01 occurs. Event-XXXX-01 begins as soon as the canopy is closed and the engines are started. SCP-XXXX's canopy becomes impossible to open from the outside, only opening when the occupant opens it. Once in the air, SCP-XXXX begins to perform at the absolute limit of its specifications. SCP-XXXX has been clocked at sustained dash speeds as high as its upper limit of Mach 3.2 or slightly higher, depending on altitude and attitude. SCP-XXXX has also been recorded as reaching a maximum altitude approaching 157,440 ft in a zoom climb, roughly 34,000 ft above the highest altitude recorded by a specially-prepared MiG-25 performing a similar maneuver, before flaming out and restarting in midair. Pilots are capable of withstanding extreme G-forces while pulling turns beyond the upper limits of SCP-XXXX's performance at all speeds, with corresponding over-G damage discovered afterwards. Pilots described no problems with SCP-XXXX's flight characteristics even in this state while Event-XXXX-01 was in effect. Observations from the ground and chase aircraft suggest the aircraft is constantly correcting to make SCP-XXXX fly as if undamaged, and in-cockpit camera recordings have proven this is because the pilot is actually making these corrections unassisted, with speed and precision entirely impossible for a normal pilot.

In mock dogfights with its chase aircraft, SCP-XXXX has consistently won despite the limitations of its airframe. It is observed that Event-XXXX-01 has no real effect on SCP-XXXX's performance, but instead the pilot again is the cause of the aircraft's behavior. During Event-XXXX-01, the pilot seems to be aware of all the performance strengths and drawbacks of SCP-XXXX, even with no familiarity of a MiG-25 or its performance hallmarks and fights accordingly. Similarly, when instructed to evade fighter aircraft, Event-XXXX-01 allows the pilot of SCP-XXXX to employ tactics which allow the ability to escape pursuit by aircraft, even against those designed to be superior dogfighters.

Event-XXXX-01 concludes upon landing and shutdown, at which point SCP-XXXX will once again act as a normal, inert MiG-25RU.

In the event of an emergency regardless of whether or not Event-XXXX-01 is in effect, particularly the loss of the pilot due to ejection, G-LOC or death, SCP-XXXX will guide itself back to its point of takeoff. Upon landing it will taxi into an empty hangar and immediately shut down. This is termed as Event-XXXX-02.

After landing, pilots describe what is referred to as Event-XXXX-03. For a stretch of time between three weeks to as much as two months or more after initiating Event-XXXX-01, pilots report feeling effects on their body similar to the effects their bodies would have felt during flight. Motion sickness, loss of consciousness, pain all over the body and lightheadedness have all been reported by those suffering under Event-XXXX-03 in its opening stages.

As time passes, the effects of Event-XXXX-03 evolve. The individual begins to feel tired, then describes physical stress happening all across their body and a burning sensation running across their skin. Some also begin to sweat profusely during this sate of Event-XXXX-03. When monitored using medical equipment, affected individuals showed no abnormal skin or core temperature. Individuals describe pressure across their bodies consistent with damage sustained by SCP-XXXX from sharp maneuvers and over-Gs from head to toe, approximating damage sustained from nose to tail.

As Event-XXXX-03 moves into its final stages, the individual stops feeling pain from unknown sources and begins to experience abnormally intense REM sleep. Subject describes having a series of dreams consistent with their flight in SCP-XXXX, and will describe flights not only from their cockpit, but from the front cockpit, sitting where an occupant would have were SCP-XXXX-01 not in the way. They describe being unable to see due to the blacked-out canopy, but can still "feel" where SCP-XXXX going and what it is doing. They also appear to lapse to the identities and personalities of other SCP-XXXX pilots, going so far as to answer to their names, as well as a completely different set of individuals, all referred to by ranks and surnames all originating from what can be assumed is the former Soviet Union. This stage of Event-XXXX-03 is the last, and fades away in the span of one to two weeks. In many cases this stage of Event-XXXX-03 is irreversible, however the intensity of the effects vary from person to person.

All attempts to trace the history of SCP-XXXX have met with dead ends. The Soviet Union being what it was, it is entirely possible that the aircraft's record and those of its pilots were erased by the government, or at least denied and eventually forgotten. However, the lack of information on SCP-XXXX and its mothballed discovery in a hangar in ███████ suggest that all its records and technical data were actively destroyed. Why SCP-XXXX survived this purge is unknown.

Addendum XXXX-02: A request has been submitted to cut open a section of SCP-XXXX-01 for examination of its internals. This is to occur on ██-██-████. All Site-22 personnel are advised to tighten security during this operation.

Through The Scope

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept within a foam-padded, heavy-duty long gun case within Weapons Locker 12G in Site-03. Its magazine is to be removed at all times and its safety is to remain on. All personnel are warned to not look through its scope, even when unloaded. If it is loaded, any who have triggered Event-XXXX are to immediately drop SCP-XXXX and get beyond a 3' radius ASAP. Those examining SCP-XXXX for any reason are instructed to go in groups of two or more to help remove the subject from anyone experiencing Event-XXXX. Survivors of previous instances of Event-XXXX are urged to take the same precautions.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an M21 sniper rifle, a specialized semiautomatic variant of the M14 battle rifle. It accepts and fires 7.62 x 51mm NATO rounds and is fitted with a Leatherwood 3-9x variable zoom Adjustable Ranging Telescope, consistent with the first M21 models as produced from 1969 by the Rock Island Arsenal. It has a forest green sling and is un-camouflaged, retaining its varnished wooden furniture. Records indicate its construction in 1971 and its usage in the Vietnam War by the ███ ████████ ████████ by Sgt. █████, Cpl. ███████ and PFC █████, all reported KIA. Subject was then kept at Fort ██████ until delivery to the Foundation.

SCP-XXXX functions as a standard M21 with recorded accuracy and muzzle velocity consistent with a well-cared for example of the model. The only anomalous feature on the firearm is its scope, henceforth referred to as SCP-XXXX-01. SCP-XXXX-01 is fully-adjustable and removable, and when mounted to any other firearm, appears to act as a normal Leatherwood 3-9x ART. This suggests SCP-XXXX-01's anomalous properties are inherent to SCP-XXXX.

When an individual loads and charges SCP-XXXX with any compatible ammo and looks down SCP-XXXX-01, an event from here referred to as Event-XXXX occurs. Rather than viewing whatever target the shooter is aiming down, the individual will view an entirely different area through the viewfinder. According to survivor testimony the view through the scope is usually that of a battlefield of some sort, although this is not immediately obvious from the outset and there have been reports of viewing locations other than combat zones through SCP-XXXX-01. The shooter is free to zoom and accurize the weapon, which will fire and cycle normally during the event. After anywhere between one to five minutes elapses, the shooter will see a flash of light, which testimonies have indicated matches the description of light reflecting off a rifle or spotter scope. Individual reactions vary, from observing the light to attempting to fire at it to attempting to signal it. At this time the individual appears to then be shot at in a random area on their body, or in very rare occasions, experiences a near-miss. Whether these impacts are fatal or survivable is entirely arbitrary, and no ballistic evidence is left behind although the ballistic trauma and hydrostatic shock are consistent with taking actual damage from such a round. There are no bullet fragments to remove, which simplifies treatment should the wound be survivable.

Event-XXXX can be aborted should the subject exhibit enough willpower or have SCP-XXXX forcibly removed as soon as the subject initiates it, but in most cases Event-XXXX will run its course. Survivors of Event-XXXX report feeling intense pressure to grip SCP-XXXX and keep looking down SCP-XXXX-01, searching for a target. They also report an urge to defeat the phenomenon by out-shooting it. There have been no instances of an Event-XXXX instance where the shooter has performed such a feat. Survivors report being able to look down SCP-XXXX-01 without incident afterwards.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX Testing Log


This is the testing log for SCP-XXXX.

All testing was carried out at two locations: an indoor firing range at Site-██ and an outdoor range at Site-██. Unless otherwise specified, standard testing conditions were as follows:

• One (1) 20-round box magazine of 7.62x51mm NATO match ammunition
• SCP-XXXX with SCP-XXXX-01 mounted
• One (1) D-class personnel given rudimentary loading and firing training in operation of an M21 sniper rifle to introduce familiarity to SCP-XXXX, observed by remote high-speed camera
• D-class separated from team of six (6) Foundation personnel by at least a 4' radius who are protected by 40mm vehicle-grade ballistic glass: two (2) medics trained in the treatment of gunshot and shrapnel wounds, two (2) personnel to observe and instruct D-class, one (1) armed guard and one (1) high-speed camera operator
• Target placed at 20m from SCP-XXXX and D-class at indoor ranges, target placed at 100m from SCP-XXXX and D-class at outdoor range
• D-class instructed to describe environment viewed through scope

Testing Log XXXX-1a
Range: Indoor
Target: Standard dummy-type paper target
Marksman: D-class personnel (D-1099), instructed to sight weapon and fire upon target until successful hit
Conditions: Standard
Result: Marksman reports viewing "rolling hills" covered in tropical flora. Marksman then spots glint 78 seconds into experiment and opens fire with two (2) shots, both of which miss high left. Marksman takes shot to shoulder, survives but must have arm amputated. Trauma and high-speed footage suggests an impact consistent with a high-caliber round of indeterminate make and model.

Testing Log XXXX-1b
Range: Outdoor
Target: Standard dummy-type paper target
Marksman: D-class personnel (D-424), instructed to sight weapon and hold fire
Conditions: Standard
Result: Marksman reports viewing a forest at twilight. Subject visibly resists an urge to open fire. 144 seconds into experiment, marksman takes shot to center body mass, dies on impact. Autopsy and high-speed footage suggest impact with an intermediate assault rifle round which tumbled and fragmented during impact, causing massive trauma to the heart and right lung.

Testing Log XXXX-2a
Range: Indoor
Target: Standard dummy-type paper taraget
Marksman: D-class personnel (D-8002), instructed to sight weapon and open fire until successful hit
Conditions: SCP-XXXX-01 mounted to adapted G36C in semiautomatic setting obtained from Weapons Locker 12A
Result: Marksman charges, sights through SCP-XXXX-01 and opens fire. Two (2) shots fired, both successful hits. No case of Event-XXXX, although marksman reports the image through SCP-XXXX-01 to be poor. Cause unknown; conjecture can be made that SCP-XXXX-01 has simply experienced standard wear and tear from combat action.

Testing Log XXXX-2b
Range: Outdoor
Target: Standard dummy-type paper target
Marksman: D-class personnel (D-9011), instructed to sight weapon and open fire until successful hit
Conditions: SCP-XXXX-01 removed, SCP-XXXX to fire using iron sights
Result: Marksman charges, sights and opens fire on target with SCP-XXXX. Six (6) shots fired until target hit. No case of Event-XXXX.

Testing Log XXXX-3a
Range: Indoor
Target: Standard dummy-type paper target
Marksman: D-class personnel (D-7052), instructed to sight weapon and open fire until successful hit
Conditions: Marksman issued military-grade body armor composed of one (1) tactical vest with ceramic inserts with shoulder protectors and one (1) tactical helmet
Result: Marksman reports viewing a ruined set of concrete buildings similar to a Middle Eastern urban environment. Marksman then spots glint 220 seconds in and attempts to engage. Subject is hit in the chest and knocked back, ceramic inserts show damage consistent with impact from an intermediate assault rifle round. Marksman has inserts changed and returns to SCP-XXXX. Marksman successfully engages and hits target, no further anomalous activity described.

Testing Log XXXX-3b
Range: Outdoor
Target: Standard dummy-type paper target
Marksman: D-class personnel (D-1132), instructed to sight weapon and open fire until successful hit
Conditions: Marksman issued military-grade body armor composed of one (1) tactical vest with ceramic inserts with shoulder protectors and one (1) tactical helmet
Result: Marksman reports viewing the ocean, evidently from the deck of a boat, with a helicopter in the distance. Marksman then spots glint 62 seconds in and attempts to engage. Subject is shot in the face, killed immediately. Impact is consistent with a heavy machine gun round such as .50 BMG, as the head was shot clean off.

Testing Log XXXX-4a
Range: Indoor
Target: Standard dummy-type paper target
Marksman: D-class personnel (D-10300), instructed to sight weapon and open fire until successful hit
Conditions: SCP-XXXX-01 removed from SCP-XXXX and replaced with identical make and model of Leatherwood scope acquired from [DATA EXPUNGED]
Result: Marksman reports seeing an environment fade in and out, describing a snowy mountainside fading into and out of view of the scope. Marksman then engages target and fires three (3) shots, all hit.

Testing Log XXXX-4b
Range: Outdoor
Target: Standard dummy-type paper target
Marksman: D-class personnel (D-525), instructed to sight weapon and open fire until successful hit
Conditions: SCP-XXXX-01 removed from SCP-XXXX and replaced with Bausch & Lomb Tactical 10x40 scope obtained from Weapons Locker 12A
Result: Marksman reports the image through the scope as heavily-distorted. Marksman is then missed by a shot roughly two feet short, at which point the scope image reportedly becomes normal. Marksman then fires one (1) shot, hits.

Testing Log XXXX-5a
Range: Indoor
Target: Standard dummy-type paper target
Marksman: D-class personnel (D-14453), instructed to sight weapon and hold fire
Conditions: SCP-XXXX-01 covered with compatible lens cover
Result: Marksman reports being unable to see anything through SCP-XXXX-01, but feels especially anxious and nervous compared to other subjects of Event-XXXX. Marksman starts wildly firing until the magazine is empty, nine (9) hits recorded. At 284 seconds into Event-XXXX, marksman is shot multiple times at center body mass and killed instantly. High-speed footage suggests rifle-caliber impacts delivered with a fire rate of 550 rounds per minute, consistent with the effect of being shot with a machine gun. Speculation on grouping and fire rate suggests an M60.

Testing Log XXXX-5b
Range: Outdoor
Target: D-class personnel (D-1639) stationed at 300m away armed with Simunition-firing SL8 equipped with a Leupold Mark 4 scope as specified for marksmen in Site-03, obtained from Weapons Locker 12A
Marksman: D-class personnel (D-810), instructed to sight weapon and open fire
Conditions: Match ammo replaced with Simunition, both target and marksman equipped with requisite safety gear. Marksmen are instructed to trade fire until one is hit
Result: Target engages with one (1) shot at 98 seconds into experiment, scoring a hit. Marksman reports seeing a building with a swastika atop it and reports feeling Simunition impact, then reports the glint at 105 seconds into experiment. Marksman is forced to leave firing position after then reportedly being missed several inches to the right by a large-caliber firearm. Speculation suggests marksman viewed the Reichstag in Berlin.

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