SCP-XXX crouched behind windowed door

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As it has not been known to travel beyond the boundaries of Site ██, the entire site may be considered SCP-XXX's containment area. The following guidelines are to be followed in order to reduce any negative effects to productivity caused by an encounter with SCP-XXX. All rooms in Site ██ are to be altered so as to have two entrances separated by a distance of 10m or line of sight. If the previous design of the room does not allow such an alteration, merging or removing the room is suggested. Alterations to all SCP containment areas on Site ██ are suggested. Personnel are to be distributed evenly throughout the facility, all with available quick radio or intercom contact, so that encounters may be resolved quickly. Personnel who witness SCP-XXX are to be submitted for immediate psychiatric evaluation.

Description: Witnesses describe SCP-XXX as an emaciated humanoid figure with reddish-brown skin. It is always nude, and appears to be sexless. Instead of normal facial features, its head is dominated entirely by an extremely large mouth, which constantly bears a set of oversized human teeth. It is always described as making a loud wheezing noise, loud enough to be heard from the other side of most solid doors. Oddly, despite the fact that it only reveals up to 10% of its body to any one individual, all individuals who have had encounters with it are capable of describing it in full.

SCP-XXX materializes and dematerializes at will yet has made no recorded attempt to physically or verbally engage any staff. SCP-XXX does not allow itself to come into direct visual contact with any staff, and will only materialize behind closed doors, hatches, or portals opposite a sentient observer. SCP-XXX appears to be constantly aware of all potential observers. SCP-XXX will never allow itself to be viewed in full. From staff accounts of encounters in which the door separating the staff member and SCP had a window or was otherwise transparent, it chose to materialize in such an orientation that only up to 10% of its body is visible. When appearing behind a completely transparent door, SCP-XXX will cause effects of fog or frost on the transparent surface impairing visibility so that only up to 10% of its body is visible.

SCP-XXX has been known to temporarily disable any remote viewing apparatus it crosses in front of, causing no harm to the apparatus but replacing any feed with static. It also fails to activate automatic door sensors and alarm systems. Remote door-opening mechanisms fail to function in SCP-XXX’s presence.

SCP-XXX will choose a door to materialize behind through a poorly understood mechanism. SCP will then remain behind the door for an indeterminate amount of time. If SCP-XXX is approached from a direction in which there is not a solid object or door breaking line of sight, it will dematerialize before direct visual contact is made. When SCP-XXX is behind a door any individual attempting to open it is struck with incomprehensible fear. The source of this terror has yet to have been established. It initially appeared to be through some form of psychic transmission as the fear expressed by the effected individuals has been shown to be disproportionate to the danger that SCP-XXX appears to possess. However, when outfitted with “telekill” visors, individuals are still stricken with the full degree of insurmountable horror. Indeed, no methods of measuring psychic activity have been capable of detecting any sort of emanation from SCP-XXX. It appears almost as though SCP-XXX is not, in fact, purposefully inducing fear in the affected individuals, but tapping into some deeply instilled primal aspect of the affected individuals.

Additional Notes: How SCP-XXX made it to Site ██ is not known at this time. SCP-XXX’s first recorded appearance was on 3/1/██. It is suspected that SCP-XXX was inadvertently transferred along with or manifested by another SCP on site. It is suggested that all SCPs on Site ██ be reexamined immediately in light of the discovery of SCP-XXX.

Incident XXX-1: Agent █████ encountered SCP-XXX inside the Site ██ 2nd floor break-room. He was attempting to obtain coffee creamer from the counter cabinet when he heard loud wheezing emanating from the cabinet and was taken by overwhelming fear. Agent █████ later reported that SCP-XXX was huddled in the cabinet in the fetal position, Agent █████ claimed to be certain of the information despite failing to open the cabinet door. Later, when the cabinet was examined, one container of powdered coffee creamer was missing.

Note: This is the first recorded instance of SCP-XXX removing an object from a scene.

Incident XXX-2: Agent ████████ was showering in her private quarters bathroom when she became aware of the presence of SCP-XXX on the opposite side of the shower curtain. It was wheezing extremely loudly. Startled by the discovery, she accidentally struck the shower curtain, causing it to sway outwards. The curtain partially wrapped around SCP-XXX, revealing that it was standing less than 0.5m from the curtain, standing erect and facing the shower. Agent ████████ spent approximately the next 3 hours sobbing in the shower, reportedly she did so quietly as not to disturb SCP-XXX. Agent ████████ reported that the wheezing stopped very suddenly, at which point in time she was able to exit the shower.

Incident XXX-3: Dr. █████ was discovered dead from dehydration in a 2nd floor storage room. It is estimated that Dr. █████ spent up to five days in the storage room before being discovered. A small 4m x 4m decompression chamber separated the storage room from the adjoining hallway. For the duration of Dr. █████‘s isolation in the storage room, SCP-XXX was observed to be occupying the decompression chamber, disallowing anyone to enter from the hallway or Dr.█████ to leave.


Test log XXX-1:

A team consisting of Dr. ████████, Researcher ████████. 4 security personnel, and 4 D-Class personnel were assigned to be dispatched to any reported incident of SCP-XXX’s materialization in order to immediately perform on-site testing. These logs take place at the door to room ███ from the first floor hallway. SCP-XXX was reported to be within room ███.

Test XXX-1: One (1) male D-Class personnel, D-XXX-1, was ordered to open the door and threatened that he would be transferred to SCP-███ duty for non-compliance. He refused, citing extreme fear.

Test XXX-2: One (1) male D-Class personnel, D-XXX-1, was ordered to open the door and threatened that he would be terminated on the spot for non-compliance. He refused, claiming that if he were to do so that SCP-XXX would [Data Expunged]. He was terminated on the spot.

Test XXX-3: One (1) female D-Class personnel, D-XXX-2, that had witnessed the termination of D-XXX-1, was ordered to open the door and threatened that she would be terminated on the spot for non-compliance. She refused, claiming that if she opened the door that SCP-XXX would [Data Expunged]. Researcher ████████ was visibly shaken by this claim. D-XXX-2 was not terminated.

Test XXX-4: One (1) female D-Class personnel, D-XXX-2, was ordered to open the door. One (1) male D-Class personnel, D-XXX-3, was given one (1) combat knife by security personnel and ordered to [Data Expunged] until D-XXX-2 opened the door. After 2 hours of [Data Expunged] D-XXX-2 died from blood loss. D-XXX-2 made no attempt to open the door.

Addendum- 5/1/██: SCP-XXX appears to have claimed the 2nd floor storage room as its own. It has so far disallowed any personnel entry to the room since 4/5/██. It leaves periodically to acquire Foundation property, which is then presumably moved into the 2nd floor storage room. To date, the following list describes all non-classified items taken by SCP-XXX:

  • One (1) █████ cryotube
  • Three (3) standard Foundation sets of surgical equipment
  • █████ ███ █████████████
  • Two (2) D-Class Research Cadavers
  • One (1) Gasoline powered generator
  • A variety of chemicals, including large quantities of tryptone, phenolyalenine, █████████ and tyrosine, among others
  • One (1) container of powdered coffee creamer

In addition to this, a number of classified materials have been obtained by SCP-XXX. We are still attempting to determine what specific purposes SCP-XXX may have for these materials.

Addendum- 5/20/██: Conflicting records show SCP-XXX occupying two rooms at once. Site ██ is now on high alert.

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