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First SCP Attempt: Banshee

SCP- Dormant

Item #: SCP-

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP- is to be stored in a 2 meter by 2 meter block of standard peat, at no point is any employee to attempt to touch or remove of the material. If it is noticed that some of the peat has begun to slide away personnel must contact the maintenance team on phone extension #1993.

Temperature of the chamber must be kept below 4ºC/39ºF to maintain the integrity of the block of peat, if the cooling system begins to fail contact the team on the extension above.

Note: Should the peat begin to slide, or the cooling systems begin to fail, evacuate the chamber immediately and turn off all surveillance within the chamber, especially audio.

Description: SCP- was discovered by peat harvesters in the █████ of █████, following the discovery of their bodies a manhunt organized by the local law enforcement found the subject attempting to bury itself once more in the bog. After sedation the ████████ government determined that the subject was in fact a 'bog body', dating roughly from the second century.

SCP- when conscious appears to retain the functions of humanity in terms of motor skills however its instincts seems bestial. When first examined at the [DATA EXPUNGED] institute in █████ it was responsible for the death of Dr. [DATA EXPUNGED], an archaeologist brought in to validate the specimen's age. Cause of death was later shown to be an aneurism caused by severe trauma akin to that seen in victims of 'sonic booms'. Her ear drums had been utterly destroyed.

Reviewing of CCTV revealed that the subject when threatened shrieks to such a frequency that it causes utter agony and then death for those who are unfortunate enough to hear it. The ███████ government saw seen fit to allow the Foundation to take jurisdiction over the subject and following its arrival has been placed into the special containment procedures mentioned above. Due to its location and odd ability, the specimen was codenamed: 'Banshee' by Mobile Task Force Alpha-2 during its transit to the Foundation. This is noted only for administrative purposes.

Addendum -01: Due to an incident involving the destruction of the peat block containing SCP-, a reinforced cube of glass has been fitted to keep the peat in place. Should any employee note during their daily rounds that the glass has begun to crack, notify the aforementioned maintenance team.

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