Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object requires no special storage arrangements and is currently assigned a locker in Site 24.

Revision: Object is stored in a 4 m x 4 m x 4 m locked double-walled chamber, the inner wall being constructed of steel and the outer concrete. Said chamber is equipped with minimal furnishings for a standard small bedroom:

  • one twin size (minimum size) bed, complete with sheets, pillow, and comforter
  • one standard night desk or side table
  • one clock, working with alarm functions
  • one table-side lamp (does not have to be on)

Room is to be observed via surveillance camera at all times to confirm object remains in containment. Security breach results in level one (1) lockdown until object is located. At any time the object is handled directly, it is recommended to do so using steel metal-mesh gloves or temporarily storing in a small steel container during transport.

Description: SCP-XXXX resembles a handcrafted native American dream catcher dated to be from the late 1960s. Wooden rim (classified as dogwood) is 20.3cm in diameter; the 'web' is cotton and contains a 5.00cm diameter opening. Several leather strips connected to beads and feathers hang from the rim a maximum distance of 25.0cm. Given the structural nature of the object, destruction may be carried out through standard incendiary procedures if necessary.

Under low-security conditions SCP-XXXX has shown the ability to breach containment, re-manifesting at any location where bedroom-like furnishings are present within a ██ mile radius. Once situated on a wall within vicinity of a bed, the object has not been observed to show signs of activity until a subject is sleeping. When a subject has entered sleep and remained in that state for ten (10) minutes, XXXX begins to emit low frequency acoustic pulses measured around █ to ██ Hz. Subjects within range of object then enter a comatose state, unable to be awakened even when removed from the object's range of activity. Within a seventy-two hour period, the subject(s) is pronounced dead. Autopsies show that death typically results from heart attack or stroke, showing severe swelling and damage to the nervous and circulatory systems, lethal blood pressure levels and blood loss.

Following activity, the object disappears, relocates (usually to containment cell given set-up), and goes into a state of dormancy. These dormant time intervals have so far proven to be wildly varied in duration and have no discernible cycle. As no subject has awakened post-contact with SCP-XXXX, no data has been acquired as to the full mental and psychological effects of the object.

Origin: SCP-XXXX was obtained on ██/██/20██ following a number of unexplained deaths in a hospital pediatric ward in ███████. Subsequent questioning of the staff revealed that a Nurse D████████ was given the object by an elderly family member as a gift. Ms. D████████ decided to bring the object to work as something new to share with the children. The object activated during this time, and within seventy-two hours sixteen children were [DATA EXPUNGED], with nine already pronounced dead, in addition to two nurses and a Dr. ██████.

A standard search of the premises found SCP-XXXX in the room of a previously comatose patient on the other side of the hospital, where it was contained. Staff and families were administered low doses of level A amnesiac, and Nurse D████████ was arrested and charged with purposeful [DATA EXPUNGED]. Further interviewing of the aforementioned relative found the individual being accommodated in R██████████ S██████ Nursing Home suffering from advanced Alzheimer's disease. It is speculated that SCP-XXXX manifested in the elderly woman's room and went unnoticed given the nature of her illness. Administering of amnesiac was not deemed necessary.

Refer to additional test logs XXXX for to-date experiments and results.

Addendum XXXX-1: Readings suggest SCP-XXXX is increasing in activity when not in experimental settings. Additional soundproofing to containment chamber added in order to prevent unwanted implications on personnel in vicinity of object. Recommend continued monitoring for signs of abnormal behavior.

Addendum XXXX-2: As of ██/██/20██, human testing of SCP-XXXX is postponed. Experiments show that chimps and similar primate species are also susceptible to object's effects, while all other animals so far appear immune. Human testing to resume once a method is found to reawaken a subject.

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