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Item #: SCP-1XXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1XXX is to be shackled to a chair via lead shackles in a room no less than 5x5m lined with at least 0.5m of Lead on all sides. SCP-1XXX's containment chamber is to be under recorded video surveillance at all times. SCP-1XXX does not have any biological needs, and any attempt by SCP-1XXX to request anything is to be treated as an escape attempt and denied. Any and all personnel with knowledge of the layout of Site-██ and/or the containment procedures of SCP-1XXX will not be allowed within 5 Meters of containment of SCP-1XXX. In event of containment breach, all available, unoccupied security units are to be dispatched at once, stationed at all facility exits, as well as patrolling the facility. Should SCP-1XXX leave the facility, any and all available MTF units are to be sent to capture it before it makes contact with SCP-1XXX-1. Recovering SCP-1XXX is to be considered top priority.

Description: SCP-1XXX has the appearance of a Caucasian Human male, approximately 1.5m tall in a gray tailored business suit and matching tie. SCP-1XXX was recovered in a cave in [DATA EXPUNGED] on 08/████ after the local population reported the [DATA EXPUNGED] of livestock, pets, and one human child. MTF-μ-12 was dispatched and apprehended SCP-1XXX. SCP-1XXX appears to be an ordinary human when it believes it is observed, whether it is actually being seen or not, but physically is a different entity entirely (See Experiment Log 1XXX-A). After containment, SCP-1XXX showed it is capable of detecting thoughts of any nearby personnel by learning the keycode to its containment chamber and escaping. SCP-1XXX was captured ██ minutes later and re-contained, and its locks have since been changed to Keycard-only. Because of SCP-1XXX's properties, it is adept at convincing staff to let it out, resulting in █ successful attempts as of 05/12/████.

SCP-1XXX claims to be under the employ of an individual by the name of "Jack", hereafter referred to as SCP-1XXX-1. SCP-1XXX has informed the facility that SCP-1XXX-1 has ordered him to remain under cover while in the presence of humans, as well as not to use his powers to harm. Attempts by the foundation to locate SCP-1XXX-1 have been futile, although several individuals by the name of Jack in positions of power are being shadowed by MTF-█-██. It is believed that if SCP-1XXX were to make contact with SCP-1XXX-1, it could request its order rescinded. It is unknown whether SCP-1XXX-1 would comply, but such would cause SCP-1XXX to seek the destruction of the foundation, and as such, should be prevented at all costs.

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