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A replica of SCP-XXX. Note the white candle and the normal flame.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept locked in a 45cm x 25cm x 25cm locked box at Site 17. Only researchers with Security Clearance Level Three or higher may remove SCP-XXX from its box. SCP-XXX is only to be taken out of its box while in a designated testing area, and then only by D-Class personnel used in testing. If, at any time, SCP-XXX must be picked up by anyone who is not a D-Class, they are to use the long hooks kept in the testing area, as well as SCP-XXX’s storage room.

Description: SCP-XXX is an antique copper lantern (dimensions 40cm x 20cm x 20cm) containing one (1) black pillar candle (7.62 cm) in its center. The top has a chain used for either hanging or carrying SCP-XXX by hand. SCP-XXX was discovered by Agent ████████ in the hands of ████ ████████ after [DATA EXPUNGED]. All attempts to photograph SCP-XXX have failed, due to some as of yet unknown form of interference, but a normal copy was located and photographed in its place.

SCP-XXX becomes active whenever held by a living human. All attempts to activate SCP-XXX via use of primate test subjects or robotic apertures have met with failure, as have all attempts to remove the candle, or light it through conventional means. When picked up by a human, the candle inside SCP-XXX ignites with a blue flame that slowly darkens all other nearby light sources, resulting in a total blackout of the surrounding area within ten (10) minutes, leaving SCP-XXX as the only source of light. Other electrical equipment such as cameras and radios are not affected, and the effect does not spread any further than the room SCP-XXX is in, but any attempts to activate alternate light sources in the presence of SCP-XXX end in failure.

While active, subjects report that the candle inside SCP-XXX does not show any signs of melting, and thermal imaging shows no sign of any actual heat coming from SCP-XXX’s candle. Once the area around SCP-XXX reaches full blackout, subjects report a compulsion to blow out the candle’s flame. The urge is easily ignored at first, but the longer SCP-XXX is held, the stronger the impulse becomes, eventually triggering migraine headaches in most subjects. The effect ends when SCP-XXX is released, as does the blackout effect, though most subjects initially show a extreme trepidation at the idea of releasing SCP-XXX.

When the subject holding SCP-XXX gives into the compulsion to blow out the flame, a faint screaming can be heard emanating from SCP-XXX, and the fire flickers but does not go out. Repeated attempts at extinguishing the flame result in the screaming growing louder, and the subject claims to hear multiple voices calling their name, though no unusual sounds, other than the screaming, have ever been captured on any audio recordings. The subject tends to become increasingly agitated at this point, and will either release their hold on SCP-XXX through use of force, or manage to blow out the flame.

As of this date (█/█/20█), all subjects who released their hold on SCP-XXX survived, but suffered from moderate to severe lacerations, depending on how long they held onto SCP-XXX. When subjects successfully managed to put out SCP-XXX, the lights did not immediately return to normal, as seen with subjects who released their hold on SCP-XXX. Instead, subjects who put out the flame seemed to disappear, and the lights returned at the same slow rate as the initial blackout. Once the lights returned, subjects who blew out SCP-XXX’s flame were found deceased, torn into multiple pieces, and later autopsies discovered traces of [DATA EXPUNGED] in all of their wounds. When questioned about their experience, surviving subjects refused to answer, becoming hysterical and even turning violent when pressed for answers.

Addendum: During Experiment XXX-8, on █/█/20██, Subject D-87352 smashed SCP-XXX in his attempt to let go of it. Other than the usual lacerations and a broken wrist from his attempt to free himself, D-87352 was initially unharmed, and, after receiving medical treatment was returned to his cell, while SCP-XXX was returned to its box and taken back to its containment area to await a pending decommissioned status. The next day, D-87352 was discovered dead in his cell, killed in the same manner as any subject who successfully extinguished SCP-XXX’s candle, with SCP-XXX resting on top of his remains with no signs of damage. After carefully retrieving and placing SCP-XXX in a different locked box, site security investigated the original box and the surveillance videos of SCP-XXX’s containment, but found no signs of tampering of any sort. Further attempts to destroy SCP-XXX await authorization from O-5 Command.

Note: It appears that while SCP-XXX is capable of fully regenerating from any damage it receives, it reacts poorly to attempts to destroy it. Perhaps it is a sign of sentience? — Dr. ████████

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