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1.Common name
Blunt, Wilfrid. Tulipomania The common name, Tulip, derives from the persian word dulband, meaning gauze.
2.Scientific name
"Tulips". The Plant Expert. 2008-10-15 The latin name for Tulips is Tulipa gesneriana
3. Description of Plant(Flower)
Tenenbaum, Frances, ed. (2003). Taylor's Encyclopedia of Garden Plants Tulips grow from bulbs and come in a variety of colors. they bloom in spring and summer and go back in winter and autumn.
4. Habit and Native Range
Blunt, Wilfrid. Tulipomania. p. 7 Originally they grew in the ottoman empire, but then the ottoman sultan exported them to the netherlands, where they caused a huge craze
5. Ethno Botany
"Tulipa spp". Floridata Tulips usually grow in mountainous areas or in valleys between mountains, since the climate is suitable.
6. Sustainability issues
Tulipomania: The Story of the World's Most Coveted Flower & the Extraordinary Passions It Aroused." Mike Dash (2001) Tulips don't really have sustainability issues now, but in The netherlands in the 1800's, they caused an economic catastrophe.
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