Item#: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in an air-tight sealed 5m by 7m tank constructed of 7cm thick bullet proof glass in Research Sector ██. Cameras in Research Sector ██ must be evaluated by Foundation maintenance staff daily. Should surveillance system of Research Sector ██ malfunction, initiate Procedure 23-B and disrupt power to the lighting circuit. SCP-XXX’s containment procedures must be reassessed after every experiment and accommodated to SCP-XXX’s current living state.

Regardless of state, SCP-XXX must be provided with a clean air circulation filter every 2 days. A black sliding curtain installed after Incident XXX-01 must be drawn upon entering and exiting containment room. Any and all staff that come into contact with SCP-XXX are required to undergo psychological evaluation.

Description: SCP-XXX is a being capable of shifting form based on a cognitive response to living beings that come into sight of it. Upon viewing another living being, SCP-XXX alters its physical state into a representation of the visible being’s most memorable regret. SCP-XXX was discovered in a small community in ███████, Iraq on █████ ██, ████ by local police when a small church was confiscated after altercations regarding ownership of the building were brought to their attention. Zealots of the church described SCP-XXX as “Andromalius”, likely after the judgment demon mentioned in regional folklore. SCP-XXX was used in the church as a form of lie detection and as a test of temperance, as the church’s followers believed SCP-XXX to be “an emissary of God”.

SCP-XXX appears to be generally docile in nature and does not appear territorial despite claims made by the church’s staff. SCP-XXX’s main mechanism of defense is a shape-shifting ability it uses to unsettle those it comes into contact with by inducing strong feelings of remorse. When placed in a room with multiple targets, SCP-XXX seems to choose the most impressionable person/creature, or the one it deems the most criminal.

Though SCP-XXX seems to prefer to avoid confrontation, when attacked, it will become a more dangerous version of the chosen form. When placed near D-class personnel 983, SCP-XXX chose the form of a small male child, later identified as a child D-983 had tormented many years before. When D-983 was sent into the room armed with a basic switchblade, SCP-XXX took the form of a much larger adult version of the child.

Through extensive research, it is still undetermined as to how SCP-XXX is able to accumulate mass in as quickly as it displays, which is documented at a record time of 3.7 seconds. It would appear that SCP-XXX’s regenerative abilities are based strongly on the amount of physical energy it is able to expend, being after a trial period of 72 hours without nutritional supplement and 43 hours sleep deprivation, SCP-XXX was only capable of increasing its size by 13% within 30-45 seconds. SCP-XXX seems to lack the capability of speech despite taking on forms of beings physically equipped to.

Trial #XXX-1:
Common brown rat (Rattus Norvegicus 376-045)
SCP-XXX Form: Human male, Caucasian, elderly. Facial features appeared blurred and proportions of the hands and forearms were larger than normal. Dressed in traditional white labcoat. Upon completing tranformation, SCP-XXX fell back onto the floor, shouting in a display of pain. SCP-XXX spent the rest of the session examining a thin laceration on the inside of its left index finger and the blood resulting.
Reaction: Subject became frightened when exposed to the sound SCP-XXX emitted and attempted to hide, becoming aggressive when staff tried to remove it.
Conclusion: The subject refused nourishment until expiration, 3 days after trial. Psychological evaluation non applicable.

Trial #XXX-0: Surveillance footage taken before human testing began.
Subject: Office lobby’s potted fern.
SCP-XXX Form: Feline, neutered male, Siamese. SCP-XXX displayed normal feline behavior for several hours, curled up peacefully in the corner of its confines. When SCP-XXX woke, it appeared lethargic and sluggish. Upon being offered food, it declined. By the fourth hour, SCP-XXX vomited a thick, dark green substance before it lied on its side and remained there for the remainder of the session. SCP-XXX showed extreme difficulty breathing for some time before it stopped entirely, mimicking death. Analysis of the expelled substance showed it to be partially digested fern leaves.
Reaction: Subject showed no initial reaction. 6 days after the session, the subject began to wilt slightly despite receiving proper care.
Conclusion: With extensive research, it was discovered that the subject was given to one of the Foundation’s staff members as a gift. Said staff member recalls the previous owner complaining that a stray cat was found dead inside the house. Cause of death was never confirmed.

Trial #XXX-2:
HellerTM White Porcelain lamp
SCP-XXX Form: SCP-XXX retained the form of a deceased cat from the prior trial.
Reaction: None.
Conclusion: No results. Psychological evaluation non applicable.

Trial #XXX-3:
D-class Personnel 394
SCP-XXX Form: Human female, Hispanic, approximately eight years old. SCP-XXX began to cry immediately and could not be soothed by subject or staff. SCP-XXX resorted to violent measures upon becoming frustrated with the glass of its confines.
Reaction: Subject was silent for 2 hours after being separated from SCP-XXX.
Conclusion: Subject revealed that SCP-XXX had taken the shape of the subject’s sister at a young age. Subject feels remorse for neglecting to contact said sister for many years. No follow-up evaluation required.

Trial #XXX-4:
D-class Personnel 1028
SCP-XXX Form: Human male, Caucasian, middle aged, apparently self-induced scarring across the forearms. SCP-XXX retained eye contact with subject for the length of the session. SCP-XXX spent the time given sending affectionate hand gestures to the subject.
Reaction: Subject became enraged and began to scream offensive slurs regarding homosexuality while attempting to break the glass with force. Subject required sedation.
Conclusion: Subject offered no explanation. Subject is to be transferred with psychological evaluation.

Addendum: Incident XXX-01 SCP-XXX was initially placed in a glass container best accommodating large reptiles before it was promoted from Safe to Euclid. The container was covered with a tarp and placed in an unused lobby until a room was prepared. Security footage shows the unsecured tarp sliding off the container, which resulted in SCP-XXX interacting with Subject-0. Black sliding curtain installed to deter any further unauthorized contact with SCP-XXX.

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