Angelus' Sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in a cell constructed out of a concrete mixture using █ and reinforced by steel rods. An electronic jammer must be placed per every 35 cm². No electrical interference is allowed to penetrate the containment cell and all observations must be made by D-Class volunteers (this is due to SCP's nature to 'predict' random chances to a certain degree, making it capable of █ and thus interfering with proper containment). All wireless electronic devices in a radius of █ meter are forbidden and anyone bringing such a device within said radius is to be escorted outside of the radius before termination of that person. Only personnel above C-Class is allowed within the containment cell and they must wear bio-suits to prevent fungal and mold development inside the cell.

Description: SCP-XXX consists out of two entities which are titled SCP-XXX-01 and SCP-XXX-02. Both are part of each other and can therefore not be distinguished from SCP-XXX. It was found in 19█ in [DATA EXPUNGED].
SCP-XXX-01 is a 'sarcopaghus' made of a black stone of unknown composition, with dimensions that vary with each measurement: All measured dimensions are within █ hight, █ depth and █ width. The surface of SCP-XX-01 is engraved with lines resembling a circuit, though much more stylized and simple of pattern. Said lines are composed of [DATA EXPUNGED] implying these lines to be indicative of a powersource being present somewhere inside the sarcopaghus. When listening closely, a faint buzz can be heard emanating from the entire coffin, again indicating the presence of a powersource. SCP-XXX-01 is measured to weigh over 3.5 metric tons, yet its impact on the surface it stands indicates a weight of less than 500 kg. Closer examinations are forbidden until further notice. The lid of SCP-XXX-01 also has a 'window' which allows to see SCP-XXX-02. This window is made of a highly compact form of quart crystal, unusually strong for its composition. Its shape is that of an elongated hexagon and its exact dimensions are unknown, due to the shifting of SCP-XXX-01's dimensions. SCP-XXX-01 has a locking mechanism similar to that of SCP-076, but more advanced (See addendum █).
Via carbon-dating, SCP-XXX-01 is estimated to be [DATA EXPUNGED] and thereby exceeds any other SCP in containment yet. This also classifies it possibly for upgrade to Keter, with incident XXX-Rho.

SCP-XXX-02 is a humanoid which lacks any indications of gender. It can be viewed through the hexagonal window in SCP-XXX-01's lid. At this moment, Dr.█ is researching the possibility of SCP-XXX-02 being composed of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Only superficial observations can be made, due to the opacity of the window. SCP-XXX-02 has never shown any signs of activity since the starts of all observation and containment of SCP-XXX-01 in its current containment cell.

Addendum: Though SCP-XXX resembles SCP-076, all paterns visible on both SCP’s are very different and do not relate to each other in any way researched so far. Both SCP’s seem to share the same traits, but it is unknown if SCP-XXX-02 indeed shares the same abilities as SCP-076-02. If they were to share the same abilities, then termination should be considered. Some researchers, like Dr. █ have speculated that SCP-XXX is a ‘closed instant’ of SCP-076, by which they imply one is sealed when the other is open. If this is true, then the retrievel of all keys belonging to SCP-076 and the consequential locking of that SCP may lead to SCP-XXX to become active. Precautions are in place and all contact between must be optimal were 076 ever to be closed. This does not however explain [DATA EXPUNGED] and how SCP-XXX can exceed the age of SCP-076 by [DATA EXPUNGED]

Any research of SCP-XXX, regardless wether it concerns 01 or 02, has to be authorized by all heads of the SCP Foundation, due to its age, complexity and the incident XXX-Rho.

Also, SCP-█ is never to make contact with SCP-XXX-01, due to the risk of activing a Class-M Extinction Event, probably following after the activation of SCP-XXX-02. These suspicions are due to SCP's mentioning XXX in lucid dreams. Most notable amongst these are SCP-█ & SCP-█, due to their prescentient powers.

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