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Item #: SCP-1027

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1027-1 is placed in Site Storage Room #38-A. All excess SCP-1027-2 are to be incinerated after each cycle.
As of ██/██/████ One Class D individual is to be stationed as a guard in front of Storage Room #38-A. Research involving the object must be cleared by at least two (2) level 4 personnel.

Description: SCP-1027-1, appears to be an animal cracker boxes manufactured by the [REDACTED] cookie company. Chemical tests indicate that the structure of the box consists of cellulose fibers which contain an atypically high percentage of oxygen isotope 18O. SCP-1027-1 is most often inert, and interaction with the object can be safely performed during these conditions.

SCP-1027-A. Recovered from D-54225's headset during exploration attempt 1.

On every Friday at 0000 hours local time, the object begins to generate shadows and sounds resembling calliope music similar to those found in circuses. This area usually has a diameter of around █ meters, but has been known to extend as far as ██ meters from SCP-1027. These effects continue until 11:00 P.M. when the music ends and all shadows around SCP-1027-1 dematerialize. This includes the shadows of living creatures and inanimate objects that are close to SCP-1027-1.

At 0000 hours on Saturday, the item will open on its own accord, and a number of SCP-1027-2 will appear inside the box. SCP-1027-2 resemble the animal crackers [REDACTED] manufactured for their product, but include much more detail to the animal the item is representing. Currently, samples of SCP-1027-2 has taken the shape of an African lion, an gazelle, a hyena, and a monkey.

Only one exploration attempt has been made in order to discern where SCP-1027 transports those under its effect. See Exploration Log 1027-1. As a result of that attempt [DATA EXPUNGED]. In consideration of these risks one Class D personnel will be assigned to guard the entrance to Site Storage Room #38-A. As a precaution, research involving SCP-1027 now requires the approval of two level 4 personnel before.

Items transported by SCP-1027 appear in an area strongly resembling a circus. This area is inhabited by various hostile beings with the appearance of "clowns" and other circus members. Chief among these are SCP-1027-A, who appears to be dressed in stereotypical circus ringleader garb.

There is only one survivor of Exploration Attempt 1, D-54225, who was found with various lacerations on his chest and torso. A post-exploration interview was attempted, but was unfortunately cut short before completion.

Interview 1027-1

Interviewed: D-54225

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

<Begin Log, 12:10 A.M.>

Dr. ██████: Please explain exactly what happened during the exploration.

D-54225: (Mumbles softly)

Dr. ██████: Please, speak louder.

D-54225: It was amazing, doc, you should have been there.

Dr. ██████: What do you mean?

D-54225: At first you know, it was empty, but then the show was started.

Dr. ██████: What show?

D-54225: The circus of course! We were its prime stars! I never knew that [REDACTED] could walk the
tight-rope like that. Of course, he fell half way through his performance. Even that other D-Class guy, he
lifted three cars! Then they toppled over and crushed him, but it was quite a sight!

Dr. ██████: And what role did you perform?

D-54225: I was the clown of course! The audience were rolling in their seats with laughter! And I was
laughing along with them!

Closing Statement: D-54225 began laughing uncontrollably and died shortly thereafter. The cause of
death was a poisonous concentration of Nitrous Oxide in his body.

<End Log, 12:15 A.M. >

Addendum: As of this time, unless a substantiated reason can be given for conducting an exploration attempt, no exploration attempts to the location that SCP-1027 transports object to are to be made.

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