anomalous evidence
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Picture Withheld for Security Reason

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:As a Safe Class object, SCP-xxxx requires only containment and supervision of test subjects during and after testing. A normal packing crate of dimensions of at least 2' by 2' by 2' is required for storage as well as some packing material to prevent breakage (currently using commercially available packing foam peanuts). Personnel under the influences of SCP-xxxx require constant supervision although most will not be negatively affected except by a mild delusion. A few exposed staff have experienced longer lasting and more powerful delusions, and mandatory long term psychological check ups once a week for the first four weeks and then once a month for the first four months after being exposed are required for heath and safety reasons. Further safety precautions are being investigated.

Description: SCP-xxxx appears differently to different people, but most people agree that it is a small but important piece of evidence that is directly relevant to the observer. Reported appearances have varied from research documents to video tapes and the means to play them, recorded messages, drawings, personal journals and other small objects that convey meaning. Personal exposed to SCP-xxxx will almost immediately come to a conclusion and begin to use SCP-xxxx as a means of proving their theory. There has been no consistency in the conclusions reached aside from it being something that the subject would naturally reach and be interested in. Scientists have come to scientific conclusions, but just as often refer to their hobbies, areas outside of their expertise etc, as a laymen. Although it is difficult to disbelieve the theory when in the presence of the SCP, anyone who is not directly interacting with the evidence can not be convinced of the theory, even thought the people exposed to the evidence still find the argumentation they present convincing and are convinced it is both scientifically and logically valid.

Addendum: Originally found at the LHC on the Franco-Swiss border, shortly after the announcement of the discovery of particles moving faster then light. Further research has shown a string of scientific discoveries that have been quickly (or in some cases not so quickly) debunked in the area and it is suspected that the SCP was involved.

Addendum: Further research should be conducted into the exact convincing nature of the SCP. Although caution should be taken to prevent the research team from being exposed to the SCP for obvious reasons. After incident 001 it has been shown that for certain individuals the delusion is strong and longer lasting then in others. Mandated long term psychological evaluations have been ordered for those exposed and testing canceled until full safety procedures drawn up.

Addendum: —Motion to change classification from Safe to Keter has been denied. The only people who have motioned for the change in classification have been exposed to the object recently. There is no evidence of sentience in this SCP.

SCP-xxxx Incident-001

Incident-001: Site ██, Safe Class SCP Testing Area-██, SCP-xxxx, May 5th, 20██

SCP Involved: SCP-xxxx

Description: On the date of May 5th, 19██ the test group, including local lead researcher █████████ were exposed to the SCP. The results were within expected parameters, although they lacked many characteristics of exposure to the SCP such as the wish to convince others of their conclusion. 12 hours later the entire test group, including local lead research █████████ committed suicide. Only one person from the test group was prevented from successfully committing suicide, having managed to destroy most of his face in his suicide attempt. After several hours of conversation attempting to explain why he tried to commit suicide the test subject stopped communicating. The test subject continued for 3 days and 15 hours before dying. Autopsy reveals no conclusive cause of death, attending physician characterized it as 'a lack of a will to live'.

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