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Item #: SCP-1395

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: During the daytime, unmanned cleaning vehicles are to patrol the roads bordering SCP-1395-1 with camera surveillance feeding back to on-site observational staff. Herbicidal chemical sprayers are to be installed and maintained every 20 meters along the road, activating every month. At dusk, personnel posing as ████████████ Department of Natural Resources officials are to conduct patrols along the periphery of SCP-1395. All personnel maintaining watch are to wear optics with integral delay systems, to ensure that none make direct, unfiltered visual contact with SCP-1395-1. If any major growth develops on the border roads, it is to be cut and burned away with the surrounding area salted.

Any testing is to be done using D-class subjects outfitted with GPS beacons and chest-mounted cameras with a feed directly back to on-site observational monitors.

Description: SCP-1395-1 is a patch of deciduous forest ██.█ square kilometers in size located in Northern Appalachia, surrounded by 10 meter wide asphalt roads. Robotic exploration reveals no anomalous properties of this location's appearance. It is harmless unless observed directly by a living animal for anywhere from three seconds to ten hours. This subject is hereafter referred to as SCP-1395's "victim". During this time, an object, known as SCP-1395-2, is seen by the victim. SCP-1395-2 then takes the form of some entity the victim wishes to hunt or capture in some form. An extremely large variety of forms have been recorded, ranging from a white-tailed deer to a [DATA EXPUNGED] extinct since prehistory to SCP-███. There are occasionally mythical or legendary creatures observed. There is little consistency, with the only characteristic remaining constant across each of the specific instances being the ability to move with ease through a forested environment.

To date, the anomalous entities SCP-1395-2 has manifested as include:

  • Foundation Researcher ████████
  • SCP-███
  • A winged, elongated, legless Black Rhinoceros
  • A Duck-billed Platypus of unusually large size
  • A humanoid King Cobra the same size as an average adult human male
  • A Megatherium with small antlers on either side of each vertabrae
  • A Wild Horse with eight legs

Upon the creation of an SCP-1395-2 entity, the victim will attempt to pursue and kill it by almost any means necessary. No matter what happens, however, the victim will feel compelled to enter the forest personally to kill or capture the entity, even if they are in possession of a long range alternative. The only way known so far to prevent the escape of the victim is through lethal force. Attempts at restraint are resisted by the subject to the point of injury, including, but not limited to chewing through one's own arm, shattering the collarbone and attempting to claw through concrete. Nonfatal methods of incapacitation do not always discourage the victim, and they will proceed in spite of most injuries. Shotguns with long-range XREP taser shells are to be utilized to stop any site personnel who mistakenly view SCP-1395-1, followed by administration of Class C amnesiacs <See Addendum 1395-1>.

If the victim is not severely injured upon entry of SCP-1395-1, camera footage shows them immediately using any survival knowledge they possess in order to survive in forested wilderness. If the victim does not have any survival knowledge, or is incapable of doing so, they will instead proceed to search the forest for SCP-1395-2. Once those who do have survival experience create a shelter and plan out water and food retrieval as best they can, they will embark on a hunt for SCP-1395-2. This includes tracking, trap-making, and observation of the entity. All attempts by the victim to kill SCP-1395-2 result in failure. After approximately one week of this unsuccessful hunting, the victim enters one of two states. The first is depression, which results in death by suicide. The second is aggression. The victim will pursue SCP-1395-2 and attempt to attack it head on, disregarding their personal safety to do so. No subject has ever been able to successfully do so, and in all cases they will die of starvation, dehydration, or exhaustion. For a log of a victim's experience, see addendum 1395-2.

Addendum 1395-1: It has been discovered that the administration of Class C amnesiacs on victims of SCP-1395 can end their compulsion in 32% of the cases. It is proposed that personnel on-site be fitted with amnesiac delivery systems, to be activated in case of accidental observation of SCP-1395-1. Proposal is pending O5 review.

Addendum 1395-2:

Video Log 1395-A

D-136063 is a 46 year old Caucasian male
Recording begins approx. 200 meters from the edge of SCP-1395-1. D-136063 is instructed to remove his blindfold

1d0900h: D-136063 approaches SCP-1395-1 at the request of the assisting researcher, stops ten meters from the edge.
1d0902h: The subject looks towards SCP-1395-2, manifesting here as a Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) with six reptilian legs. Pursuit begins.
1d0937h: The subject stops at a small creek to set up his campsite, displaying above average survival knowledge and resourcefulness.
1d1002h: A large snare trap is created 0.56 kilometers from the campsite. Another 3 such traps are created in the same area.
1d1154h: The subject begins to make their way back to the camp, harvesting various nontoxic mushrooms on the way. They remain in camp for several hours while on lookout. They are noted to be very skittish at this time, immediately looking at any signs of movement.
0d2106h: The subject prepares a firepit and acquires lumber and tinder. They begin cooking their mushrooms on a wooden spit.
0d2110h: The subject consumes the mushrooms before sharpening a nearby stick into a spear and settling down to sleep that night.
This behavior continues for a few days before D-136063 discovers tracks that match the size of this manifestation of SCP-1395-2
6d1428h: A snare trap has been tripped but avoided, and the subject begins following the tracks.
6d2036h: SCP-1395-2 is located and stalked from a distance. The subject hastily builds a shelter for the night near the tracks.
7d0644h: The subject wakes and begins following the tracks again.
7d0838h: Upon finding SCP-1395-2, the subject begins to chase it. The entity exhibits frightened behavior inconsistent with that of a normal Carcharodon carcharias.
7d0845h: SCP-1395-2 is lost from sight and the subject collapses in exhaustion, falling unconscious.
7d1312h: The subject wakes and enters the aggressive state, running along the tracks at an improbably high speed, given their current level of rest/nourishment. Upon finding SCP-1395-2, the subject catches up to it and begins to repeatedly punch and claw at it, loudly vocalizing while they do so.
7d1317h: After a brief altercation, D-136063 dies due to exhaustion, and the camera feed cuts out inexplicably.

End of Video Log

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