Item #: SCP-1368

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1368 is to be contained in a rotating dais, 3 meters in diameter, 3 meters in height, rotating at 3.14kph. A limit of 3 personnel are allowed to be in at a time.

Description: SCP-1368 is a 4-sided pyramid, platinum in color, .5 meters across and .25 meters tall. On each side is an imprint resembling a human hand. When SCP-1368 stops rotating it seems to have an anti-gravitational effect, causing all small objects less than 16 KG in mass to hover. SCP-1368 only reacts to a hand being put into its imprints if said hands are bare. If four (4) hands are touching each side of SCP-1368 all machinery (lights, generators, computers, etc.) within a 3.14 Kilometer radius will lose power. Within a 10-15 minute period aforementioned machinery will come back online and all personnel touching SCP-1368 will seem to have disappeared from the room. Due to no traces of said personnel being found in the room it is theorized that SCP-1368 may be a teleportation device.


Recovery Notes:
SCP-1368 was supposedly recovered in the remains of The White House in 1814 by a member of ███ █████ ███████. Since recovery of SCP-1368 in 1955 multiple attempts from the United States military have been made to recover it. Since 1957, after the redesign of U.S. the dollar bill, these attempts have become more frequent. According to informants SCP-1368 is somehow connected to the mysterious disappearance of the Roanoke colony in 1587.

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