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SCP Ideas
*Memetic Cornfield politician (In progress)
*Neutralized Telekinetic with interesting cerebrospinal fluid(Done!)
*reality altering journal
*Petrified kings of the Earth
*Imprisoned Titans (in progress)
*Man of Brass and his magnificent steed.

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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXX consists of multiple humanoid, stone-like beings of gigantic stature and unknown origin found imprisoned at various sites around the world. Instances of SCP-XXX average roughly fifteen meters in height. To date, four (4) instances of SCP-XXX have been located and confirmed, one (1) in █████████, Brazil, one (1) in █████████, Maryland, USA, and two (2) on the floor of ███████ Bay in ███████, Greece.


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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXX-1 is to be surrounded at all times by a 3 meter high electrified chain link fence topped with barbed wire, and should be monitored at all times with motion and heat-sensitive cameras. No less than five (5) armed guards equipped with soundproofed headgear should patrol the perimeter at regular intervals.

The current instance of SCP-XXX-2 is to be kept locked in a soundproofed, windowless room containing one (1) standard prison cot and one (1) set of standard bathroom fixtures. Meals are to be delivered twice daily by Class-D personnel. Under no circumstances is anyone with a clearance level above class-D to engage in conversation with or be allowed to hear recordings of SCP-XXX-2 without significant electronic distortion.

Should an instance of SCP-XXX-2 breach containment and enter the site proper, the area is to be locked down and the subject apprehended by agents equipped with sound-dampening headgear.

SCP-XXX-1 is a one (1) acre plot of land located in ██████, Iowa, USA. Formerly part of a cornfield, it has since been cleared of vegetation to better facilitate location and containment of instances of SCP-XXX-2.

Instances of SCP-XXX-2 vary in appearance, but always share the following characteristics:

* SCP-XXX-2 always appears to be a caucasian male.
* SCP-XXX-2 always appears to be roughly thirty years of age.
* SCP-XXX-2 is always above average in terms of physical attractiveness.
* SCP-XXX-2 is always in the hundredth percentile for physical fitness.
* SCP-XXX-2 always wears a three-piece suit consistent with current fashion trends. The composition of this suit is entirely mundane.

SCP-XXX-2 possess the passive memetic ability to make any subject eligible to vote in a United States election that hears it speak, whether in person or through electronic media, agree completely and permanently with any opinion it puts forth regardless of previously held beliefs or convictions. Cases have been documented of subjects developing elaborate philosophical justifications to defend SCP-XXX-2's ideas. This alone would warrant containment, however every uncontained instance of SCP-XXX-2 to date has attempted to insinuate itself into first local, then national political structure on a blatantly apocalyptic campaign platform.

With one exception (See addendum XXX-2A) There has only ever been one instance of SCP-XXX-2 active at any one time. When the current instance of SCP-XXX-2 is destroyed or expires due to other circumstances, a new instance of SCP-XXX-2 emerges from the soil of SCP-XXX-1 the following night, fully grown and with all the knowledge of its predecessor. The history of this phenomena is unknown.

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