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Similar model of shoe as SCP-SHU appeared to be when discovered.

Item #: SCP-SHU

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The items are to be stored within a 20 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm steel lockbox within containment room XX-XXX at Site-XX with no other precautions as SCP-SHU has shown no ability to affect individuals other than via sight As of Incident SHU-01, once every two months a D-Class will be required to wear SCP-SHU for the duration of Stage 1. Under no circumstances should the subject be allowed to enter Stage 2. Failure to prevent this will result in disciplinary action and/or demotion for any surviving members of the research staff or security staff.

Description: When found the items seemed to be a pair of red Converse sneakers, but it has since been determined that they appears to be whatever type of footwear the viewer prefers most until they are put on, in which case they locks into the form that the wearer thought they were. The items have a durability that is consistant with whatever shape they are in while worn, but once the wearer reaches Stage 2, they are no longer able to be damaged. Currently, wearers are known to go through two stages while wearing SCP-SHU. Until Stage 2, the wearer can recover from it's effects with minimal lasting effects. (See Addendum 1) Once the wearer reaches Stage 2, survival drops to 5%, with a 90% fatality rate(See Addendum 2)

The effects of each stage are as follows:

Stage 1

When the subjects place SCP-SHU on their feet, no apparent reaction (See Addendum 3) is visible beyond a slight relaxing of the subject, which they have reported as a calming, almost content feeling. When asked to remove SCP-SHU, the subject shows reluctance, which grows as time passes, until subjects will not willingly relinquish the SCP. During the first twenty four hour period, the subject begins to hear a slight whispering that tests have confirmed is not auditory. The subjects all report a sensation of being followed and/or watched. Over the next forty eight hours the whispering increases in volume and clarity, and the subjects have all reported apparitions that resolve into copies of themselves, though there are differences in appearance, both physical and in attire. All are reported to be wearing SCP-SHU.
These apparitions, who generally number between 1 and 6, are imperceptible to anyone other than the subject, and all seem to be whispering praises about choices that the subject has made. All subjects have reported having the vague knowledge that the choices that the apparitions are whispering about are ones that the apparitions made differently, and to their detriment. At the end of the forty eight hour period, the apparitions appear fully solid, though they are still imperceptible to anyone other than the subject, and are intagible to anyone. By this point the subject has recieved significant boost to morale, and seems happier and more confidant. Subjects report that these apparitions change regularly, generally when the subject is not looking, but they are always alternate versions of the subject.
Over the next week, the praises become less fervent, and the choices referenced become less life-altering, until by day ten the apparitions are referring to choices of little to no significance, and the subjects morale has returned to where it was at the beginning of stage 1. This is the last point where a subject can remove SCP-SHU without suffering significant psychological and physical damage.

Stage 2

After two hundred and forty hours of direct contact with SCP-SHU, the apparitions begin to change appearance and vocalizations. They seem more affluent, or in better physical shape, or more attractive, and even more intelligent, and their whispers also begin to take on a condemnatory tone, pointing out mistakes and bad choices that the subject has made that caused them to not be who the apparitions are. In this stage, the subjects morale and self confidence begin to fall, and SCP-SHU are unable to be removed at all. Any attempt to do so fails, either by the item being too tight, or the laces akin to a gordian knot. Any use of tools, be they knives, scissors, or any sort of prying device either miss, slip, or in one case, turn in the users hand and cause damage. The subject will actively resist, up to and including using violence. At this point, the only method of removal of SCP-SHU is amputation at the knee, as any attempt below that fails in the same way as attempting to remove the item.
If SCP-SHU is left on, the subject becomes continually more depressed, until after three hundred and sixty hours, the subject will invariably attempt to take their own life. If confined in any way that prevents self-termination, the subject will begin to waste away. Attempts to prolong the subject life succeed at first, but eventually the subject's body will stop responding to any and all attempts. So far, 90% of all subjects have failed to survive past four hundred and eighty hours. After the subject has died, SCP-SHU will become removable, after which it begins to look for a new host.

Addendum 1: Subject was separated from SCP-SHU prior to them reaching Stage 2. The subject became violent, and attempted to retrieve SCP-SHU, but security restrained and sedated them. After twenty four hours, the subject was much less intent on retrieving SCP-SHU, but still expressed a desire for it. Subject also showed signs of depression. After a month of therapy, subject had almost fully recovered, though they did have the desire to find the 'perfect pair of shoes', though the subject made no attempts to retrieve SCP-SHU.

Addendum 2: Two anomalies have appeared, specifically pertaining to two separate personalities. When a subject who is perfectly content wears SCP-SHU, they immediately advance to a form of stage two. SCP-SHU is unremovable, but rather than having alternates whispering to them about all the things they did wrong, the subject has the affluent alternates screaming at them about their apparent contentment, and how it's wrong for them to be content when the subject isn't the alternates. After a short period, the alternates suddenly quiet, and become violent. This is the only instance where the subject is physically harmed by the alternates, and they will invariably kill the subject, as they are still intangible and imperceptible to anyone other than the subject.
The other anomaly is when the subject is severely discontented with their lot in life, and after wearing SCP-SHU, the user is also faced with alternates, but rather than whisper, they look on in fright. It is at this point that the wearer generally vanishes, and is replaced by one of the alternates. The alternate is also wearing SCP-SHU, though whether this is a copy or the same item is unknown. Depending on the demeanor of the subject, the alternate can be docile due to depression, or violent. Interrogation of the alternate has determined that the alternate believes that the subject has taken their place wherever they were drawn from. It must be noted that no effects seen due to wearing SCP-SHU are visible on the alternate, though they are still unremovable.

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