Aristotle's Manor

Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The grounds of SCP-XXXX are to be surrounded by at least one mile of Foundation owned property and county road XX-XX is to be labeled as a private access road with all traffic being denied entrance. Official Records will be altered to show this as a government safe house. All individuals who breach the outer perimeter are to be detained and interviewed. They should then be administered Class B Amnesiacs and released.

Description: SCP-1880 is a Victorian style estate located in xxxxxxxxxx, xx. Grounds of the estate cover an area of four (4) acres and have been shown to be completely mundane. Exterior of the building also has no anomalous properties. City historical records show that the building was constructed sometime between 18xx and 18xx for Union Army Colonel x.x.xxxxxx, although records indicate he never lived in the estate himself. Due to these facts it is unknown when the home's anomalous traits first appeared.

The estate's anomalous properties were discovered when a new home owner reported a mysterious illness and abnormalities regarding the behavior of falling objects. An investigation revealed that the interior of the structure follows a different set of natural laws than the rest of the universe similar to those proposed by Aristotle. Inertia is nonexistent, causing objects to fall at different rates based on mass, and horizontally moving objects continue on their path due to a current caused by air filling up a vacuum in their wake. All matter inside the building is composed of various mixtures of earth, air, fire, and water. The research team was able to create various alloys and metals from scratch by mixing varying quantities of these materials.

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