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Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx/SCP-xxx-1 are to be locked in a concrete room with adequate living conditions for a human. It is not to be allowed to roam around the facility and is to be monitored by at least 2 guards at any given time due to multiple suicide attempts. It is to be fed at least three times a day and it's cell to be cleaned on a daily basis. During feeding times if the subject refuses to eat personnel are required to force feed the subject. Although escape attempts have been made by SCP-xxx-1 it is not considered overly dangerous and is easily subdued. It is important to note that tranquilizer darts or tasers are to be aimed at the legs or arms as the torso is heavily protected and will not penetrate the subject.

Description:SCP-xxxx is a simple metal cuirass from 13th century Europe. It is comprised of iron and weighs roughly 13kg. The object was found near the French town of ████ on 5/13/2005 and gained the attention of the foundation when reports came in of a man being stuck in an impenetrable cuirass with no way to remove it. Foundation operatives were sent to investigate and found the man now known as SCP-xxx-1 in a hospital bed. When questioned doctors reported that despite extensive efforts to remove the cuirass they couldn't so much as put a dent in it however all the tools they tried including the local fire departments jaws of life were destroyed in their attempts. The foundation sent in a response team to quickly administer amnesiacs to the town and had it dismissed by media stations as a prank to try to draw in tourism. The object as well as the man it was stuck on have since been flown over to Site-19 for further testing.

Upon initial observation it was noted that instead of leaving a gap at the sides held together with strapping the object seems to have completely enveloped xxx-1's torso leaving no clear way to remove it.

Addendum: Although further testing has been conducting after multiple years in containment SCP-xxx-1 seems to have given up hope. All request for subjects termination have been denied as more information on the bonding process between SCP-xxx and SCP-xxx-1 is still required. It has made multiple attempts at suicide and is now under constant surveillance. Whenever testing is required researchers are instructed to have guards accompany them armed with tranquilizers in order to subdue SCP-xxx-1 incase of a violent outburst.

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