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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: ██
Level-2 clearance and approval by two level-04 or higher.

Description: ██
SCP-XXX is a cave; the entrance to the cave has numerous faces above what seems to be an ancient door frame. The cave is approximately 50 meters (160 feet) across and nearly the same wide. the walls are lined with faces and in what appears to be the center of the cavern there is a stone skull. Within the cavern there are a few stalagmites and stalactites, even these seem to have faces carved into them.

Site number ██ was set up around it. While there were many local stories about the cave, its anomalous properties were long overlooked by the Foundation. The local name █████ translates to The Stone of a Thousand Voices this is believed to be a reference to the skull in the center. Its anomalous properties seem channeled through the center skull. Light travels through the cave anomalously. This causes an effect where no matter the place one is located in the cave the edge seems to always extend just beyond the edge of one’s vision, giving the appearance of being far larger then it truly is.

They seemed to be tranquil and complacent and filled subject with a gentleness towards the cave and the things inside.

The initial researchers took geological samplings from surrounding areas and determined the cave to be approximately [REDACTED]. During initial examination Dr.██████ entered the cave and felt uneasy about taking core samples from within, he has requested several D-class. It seems the Faces upon the caves wall change when not being observed even a turn of the back can allow them enough time to shift and slide, however they have never been observed doing so, when observed on camera they simply change as a line rolls across the screen or a blip in the recording and suddenly their completely different.

They claim to have been the cause of several events involving the downfall of the Persian Empire, [REDACTED] and the creation of SCP-███. They still have not released how they move. While the Majority of Faces are humanoid some are not and following incident██████ those not of human shape are not to be touched. Dr.██████ requested that security be upgraded due to this, request denied.

Addendum: ██

D-Class Personal were instructed to chip a piece off of a face, upon striking the face he began to scream unintelligibly and collapsed to the floor grabbing his head. Moments later the interior of the cave seemed to experience a minor earthquake during which the floor beneath him opened and closed as he dropped in. areas without faces had previously been scraped for samples with no such reaction. It is recommended that only D-Class personal gather samples from this point on.

The same test was conducted again following this with more sensitive equiptment. During this experiment the D-class personal [Data Expunged] Causing his head to Implode before violently exploding outward. A small clean up crew consisting entirely of D-Class personal were sent in to remove the remains. Upon completing this task entire cave rumbled almost purring with a resonated with feeling of Thank-fullness (wrong Word find correct one).

A D-Class subject was asked to place his hand on one of the heads, he did so, nervously, and yanked his hand away with a scream. When asked what happened he claimed that the head had spoken to him. He was asked to try this for several more heads, he claimed each told him a few words, different from each other's voice and structure. He was then asked to place a hand on the skull in the center of the room. His screams of pain echoed through the compound. After a moment a voice of great power as though each of a thousand voices speaking perfectly loud were wrapped in one another thunder out of the D-Class personal “send no filth, we speak only to the worthy.” and with that he collapsed. An Autopsy revealed his vocal chords snapped, and his brain in tatters.

Dr.██████ has requested permission to place his own hand upon the skull, awaiting 05 approval.

Following tests discovered that when touched the skulls will speak directly into one’s mind, and can be communicated with individually, however they seem dangerous to D-class Personal. It also seems that the expressions help to determine how they will speak to them, however screaming ones and ones that aren't quite human should be avoided at all costs! These tend to drive any who have touch them insane.

It would seem that because of the anomalous ability of the cave one can place there hand into one of the correct openings in the cave entrance and see through the eyes of the nearest face, when tested with those who were blinded by bright light and or born they were able to see and judge their distance well enough to hit a nearby target with a rock. It is theorized that blind guards given a one handed weapon could be used to guard the cavern. However further testing is pending approval.

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