SCP-XXX: The Human Axis

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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the threat it poses and the complexity of containing it, current Foundation protocol is to destroy SCP-XXX whenever it is determined it is safe and feasible to do so.

SCP-XXX is currently contained within Site ███-E, a subterranean compound roughly two kilometers underground in an area of soft sedimentary rock. The depth of the compound is limited by the need to maintain and power the containment machanisms, which are contained within a ten meter thick cell formed from a flexible polymer.

Within the cell the human aspect of SCP-XXX is secured tightly on a platform rotated within six degrees of freedom by the use of hydrolic jacks. The cell itself is can rotate through 360 degrees in perpendicular to the Earth by use of a rails system.

The cell and platform are controlled by use of an automated robotics system governed by radio telescopes on the surface, such that SCP-XXX is always orientated towards the radio source Sagittarius A* to a very high degree of accuracy.

The human aspect of SCP-XXX is to be cared for and fed on a daily basis, and the mechanisms, which are prone to frequent defects and stresses, is to be maintained indefinitely.

Two other such sites, Sites ███-F and ███-G, are maintained nearby in the case of severe malfunction. Movement of SCP-XXX between sites is considered highly dangerous and complex - see [REDACTED].

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a caucasian male, in his twenties, though whether the human is considered to be analogous with SCP-XXX or a periphery detail is debated. SCP-XXX demonstrates perfect bisymmetry around an axis, which when in its safe position is aligned, in relation to the body, vertically along the nose, neck and spine, such that the left and right sides are symmetric.

This axis extends invisibly beyond the body to a considerable length, currently averaging around a hundred meters either side, detectable by the presence of highly charged radiation around the axis. The axis is not always relative to the human aspect of SCP-XXX; rather, it is fixed such that its extremities point towards (or away from) the distant radio source Sagittarius A*, considered by astronomers to lie at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Just recording that I have been involved in handling incident ██ regarding SCP-XXX this week. Dr. Kawasaki's body has been dealt with as per protocol. Strange. The others, and most everything around it, were ripped to shreds. She's in one piece, but different. Perfectly symmetrical and altogether dead.

Containing SCP-XXX is a nightmare of course. There are those that want it dead, and I can see why. Certainly it's hated, but we don't know what would happen if we were to dispatch "him" just like that; it seems to react to his pain, let alone death, and who would want to risk making something so unknown angry? Then there's the folks that want to launch it into space. Good idea. But how do we control, monitor, feed him from up there? And what if we want him - it - back?

One thing for certain; it cannot stay here, alive, growing. John punched a few what-if numbers into Matlab the other day. In five years he thinks the thing will be two miles long, in ten, fifteen miles, and then the graph explodes; in a few decades SCP-XXX will be the axis that every man and woman on Earth walks around. That is a future I do not wish to envisage. — Dr. Curry

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