I had first heard of the hallway a week or so before I went in. All I had heard it was that it was a great place to wag, and that it was in [REDACTED].
The day I went in, I had a bunch of homework I had to hand in. I hadn't done it, so I decided to skip those particular classes.
So, I headed over to [REDACTED]. There was no one else around. I assumed they were in classes. They probably were. I opened what was supposed the hall's doors. Sure enough, they opened onto a long, plain, white and brightly lit corridor. I couldn't see an end to it.
So, of course, I went in. I decided to head down the hall a bit, so I wouldn't get caught by any teachers. It wasn't long until I started to notice unusual things.
At the start, the doors were locked. I took no notice of this, and continued on. A while down, I tried another door. This time, it opened onto an empty classroom. The perfect wagging spot. But, my curiosity got the better of me, and I continued on down the hall.
Strangely, the style of the corridor began to change. The lights were softer, less harsh. The floor was carpeted. The whitewashed walls were gone, replaced by softer colours, creamier, with that ever-so-slight tint of brown. The kind of colours you'd see in a flash, modern house.
I opened a door here, and couldn't believe what I saw.

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