SCP-TBD: A Shattered Window

The object is a window, originally placed in one of the houses used in nuclear weapons testing in the Nevada Desert. The window is completely shattered (cracks running all through it), but the pieces are held firmly in their places by an unknown force. The pieces cannot be moved from their relative positions by any known force, but the frame itself (which was extracted from the remains of the wall by foundation personnel) can be carried from place to place. The pieces remain in the frame regardless of gravity or orientation. The window was discovered by observers examining the remains of the town, and retrieved for study due to abnormally high levels of radiation. Further examination resulted in the object being passed into Foundation hands for containment and study.

When the window is viewed from the side corresponding to the inside of the house it originally resided in, the image of objects on the other side appears with a muddy-brown tint. Said objects tend to appear in a run-down or broken state, as though they had been lying about in disuse for a long period of time. Manipulating objects while they are being viewed through the window produces no change, though looking away for even a second will "reset" the image to match the reality of the other side.

If one or more human subject are present on the "outside" of the window when viewing begins, they will be replaced in the image by a single, unrecognizable figure (designated SCP-TBD-1). This figure appears humanoid, albeit heavily scarred and disfigured. While no sound is emitted from the window, SCP-TBD-1 may attempt to communicate via writing if the viewer is alone, though communication will occur only if writing utensils are "made available" by inclusion in the viewing frame. Observers who have communicated with the entity appear shaken by the experience, and refuse to divulge any of the conversation, even when threatened with immediate termination. All personnel have been consistent in this regard, with one (D-5219) adding that she was instructed not to speak of the conversation.

Attempting to open the window results in [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in catastrophic organ failure and almost immediate death. Remains have been examined, revealing levels of radiation in excess of [REDACTED].

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