Avianoid fruit

Designation :SCP-xxxx

Class :Euclid

Containment procedures :SCP-xxxx is to be held in a greenhouse in Nxxxxxxxx, XX, in the United States. The door and windows must be welded to their fixations, with only small holes in the roof for ventilation. If SCP-xxxx activates, the doors must be barricaded and no other shall occur.

Description :SCP-xxxx is a collection of at least 2 entities, designated SCP-xxxx-1 and 2. SCP-xxxx-1 is a orange tree that grows round fruit from pods atop its flowers. SCP-xxxx-2 is an avian creature produced from the fruit of SCP-xxxx-1 when activated. Only one will be produced per activation.

SCP-xxxx activates when a vertebrate is brought into the greenhouse when SCP-xxxx-1 is bearing fruit. When this happens, one of the fruits (Now designated SCP-xxxx-2) morph into a peel with a sharp thorn. SCP-xxxx-2 then grabs onto the animal and proceeds to leech fluids from the animal. SCP-xxxx-2 will try to burrow inside the carcass of the animal, while the animal turns into a bird/what the animal was in life/SCP-xxxx-2 hybrid, now designated Scp-xxxx-2a.

[[Interview with Mr. Xxxxxxxx ]]

Dr Anderson : When did you come into the possession of SCP-xxxx?
Mr. Xxxxxxxx :It was a dead bird. I buried it in the compost and left it there.
Dr. Anderson :Then what?
Mr. Xxxxxxxx : It grew… and the spawn of it ate my son!
(Mr Xxxxxxxx sobs and will not diverge any more information.


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