Sir Chancealot's Musings

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to remain inside a refrigerated 5mx5m concrete room at a maximum temperature of three (3) degrees Celsius under constant video surveillance. No personnel may enter SCP-XXXX's cell unless properly equipped with a Level B Hazmat suit. All items brought into and out of SCP-XXXX's cell must be screened for contaminants and moisture. Persons transporting objects into SCP-XXXX's container must obtain approval from designated Level 3 faculty and then present the object for decontamination and desiccation. Under no circumstances is moisture or any item containing moisture to be brought into SCP-XXXX's chamber unless given permission by Level 3 clearance or properly sealed under supervision from Level 3 personnel. Chamber must be cleaned weekly. In the event of emergency containment, subject's chamber is to be flooded with carbon subnitride regardless of circumstances.

Description: As of yet, three cases of SCP-XXXX have been documented and recovered. All subjects resemble a type of green humanoid measuring approximately 1.85 meters tall. Upon further observation, each subject appears to be a colony consisting of a new species of eubacteria. Each instance of SCP-XXXX appears to take the form of an anthropoid male with what seem to be defects: SCP-XXXX-1 is missing elbows and knees, SCP-XXXX-2's left arm terminates at the shoulder, SCP-XXXX-3's legs and arms are fused together at the joints. All subjects have numerous hair-like filaments protruding from various and seemingly random areas on their bodies.

Vivisection of each case of SCP-XXXX has shown the presence of no internal organs or tissues leading to the theory that all three instances of SCP-XXXX function as organs themselves, each with an immune system and a means of repairing damages to itself. Each subject had managed to fully recover from vivisection approximately 37 minutes afterward. SCP-XXXX is capable of very slow and labored movement in a display that appears to mimic a human gait. No subject seems capable of speech; however, each one attempts to do so when addressed or when in close proximity to a human. Each individual expands its epidermal layer of bacteria in order to draw air in and subsequently contracts to expel air through its epidermis, producing a wheezing sound. Like other forms of bacteria, SCP-XXXX prefers warm, moderate climates and activity seems to decrease when exposed to extreme heats. Previous experiments with D-Class personnel indicates fire is an effective, albeit temporary method for containing and controlling SCP-XXXX.

Subjects appear to be capable of subsisting solely on air moisture; however, when in close proximity to objects containing fluids, they seem to be able to absorb the liquids from the items through a form of osmosis. Monitoring of SCP-XXXX had shown it incapable of osmosing items that were completely sealed. When objects were presented to SCP-XXXX that were only partially sealed (the container only presenting an opening a few millimeters wide), the items were found to have been completely dehydrated within minutes, as if directly exposed to SCP-XXXX. Subjects also show an incredible aptitude at detecting moisture in foreign objects. Researchers had speculated that SCP-XXXX is capable of extending fibers from itself that would measure, at most, a few micrometers in width. These filaments (possibly similar to the ones protruding from various points on the subject) would most likely be instrumental in SCP-XXXX's feeding process. Further experiments with SCP-XXXX have not contradicted this theory.


All instances of SCP-XXXX were found in ██████, Mississippi. Initial reports had shown ██ bodies of citizens and local law enforcement found in surrounding marshland completely desiccated, with further autopsy revealing death caused by dehydration. Through further review of the locations and times of death of the town's residents, a trail was discovered with an MTF dispatched to object's projected area. Agents ███████ and █████ perished in recovery of SCP-XXXX. A human guise does not seem suitable or congruent with the specimen's marshland environment leading some to hypothesize that SCP-XXXX was manufactured.

SCP-XXXX shows a limited capacity to learn. Subjects not only seemed capable of dehydrating objects presented to it in partially sealed containers, but also were able to locate and navigate openings in the vessels. In addition to this, SCP-XXXX seems to be capable of locating soft tissue (eyes, mouth, nose) and entering it with its supposed microfilaments. It is believed that SCP-XXXX is aware of its appearance and attempts to use it as a method of luring humans to it.

Addendum XXXX-B

Log of event XXXX-B: Class D personnel exposed to SCP-XXXX. Events observed through video surveillance.

Phase A- 10 seconds after exposure: Personnel D-583 and SCP-XXXX show no change in disposition.

Phase B- 47 seconds after exposure: Personnel proceeds to blink and rub eyes profusely while complaining of "floaters." SCP-XXXX replies with a wheeze

Phase C- 122 seconds after exposure: Personnel  attempts to describe his eyes and mouth as "scratchy" and also informs the staff of "godawful migraines." SCP-XXXX wheezes in response

Phase D- 130 seconds after exposure: Personnel begins to grunt profanities while pressing his eyes.

Phase E- 152 seconds after exposure: Personnel collapses to the floor while clutching his eyes and attempting to speak through his dried throat. SCP-XXXX resumes its wheezing.

Phase F- 249 seconds after exposure: Personnel D-583's heart stops. When examined, eyes, nose, and mouth were found drained of fluids.
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