The Whispering Battery

Item#: SCP-???

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:Since the object’s arrival the Foundation has found no effective way to contain this artifact. It has been transported to Site [REDACTED]. The Foundation has inserted a chip onto the object which picks up electromagnetic impulses from an emitter nearby. The chip then drains the object's energy to the extent that it can not move outside a radius of 100m. There is no way to prevent the entity from moving less than a 100m away because the chip can only harness a certain amount of energy at a time, and if the chip was bigger it would not fit to the cell- however the Foundation has senior staff working on this.

As of ██████ , all personnel who come across the object, whatever clearance level, must report the finding to a senior member of staff. This is so the team researching this object can find a pattern between distance and/or location.

Description: This object appears to be a [REDACTED] brand 2.3cm by 4.1cm 9V battery. However the artifact is hollow inside. Often employees find the object in their possession. As a result testing the object is problematic.

The ability of SCP-??? is to swap its position with batteries of the same brand. When the team researching the artifact first attempted a test, SCP-??? had moved 50m away from its original position, swapping itself with a standard battery which was left in a cabinet.

The artifact is hollow inside. However those exposed to the entity report hearing incessant whispering. Though again, when this is looked into all that is left behind is a normal battery. After many incidents of this at [REDACTED], Dr ██████ suggested that the abnormal, battery related goings on were the doings of SCP-???, then just referred to as [REDACTED]. As of ██████ the Foundation agreed to look into it.

SCP-???? occasionally shows desire for energy at an amplitude 5 decibels higher than its normal whispering, however of course, the object is hollow and therefore there is no way to supply it power. Occasionally SCP-??? is found in the battery packs of certain entities or objects.

Due to SCP-???’s whispers, a few of those the Foundation have used for testing have gone insane. During containment breaches it has been observed as most active- though the Foundation has not yet confirmed a consciousness. It has been reported by crying Class-Ds as “deafening” and “maddening”. Most were not affected in the long term, however a few shortly committed suicide, most regularly by the form of [REDACTED].

Due to rejection of raising class to Euclid it is now mandatory that all staff must be searched for the object.

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