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Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation for an incorporeal being entity with the ability to experience the consciousness of sapient beings. SCP-XXXX is invisible to all forms of visual detection except for thermal imaging, which reveals SCP-XXXX to be roughly humanoid in shape. The entity cannot vocalize, but is capable of nonverbal communication. Since acquisition, SCP-XXXX has proven cooperative with Foundation inquiries into its nature to the best of its knowledge.

When in close proximity to sentient beings in emotional or physical pain, SCP-XXXX can possess the host's body and experience the subject's awareness for two (2) hours. Although the effect is voluntary, SCP-XXXX is captive to experiencing the host's consciousness for the allotted time once the effect is activated. SCP-XXXX cannot control the host's physical body in this state, nor does it report any influence over the subject's thoughts. When in the presence of multiple subjects, SCP-XXXX will automatically possess the individual in the greatest distress. Human subjects do not experience any detrimental effects during or following a possession, nor do they report any displacement of their suffering onto SCP-XXXX. Researchers have been unsuccessful in both determining the pain threshold to activate the effect and discerning the mechanism by which SCP-XXXX is able to objectively assess subjective sensations.

SCP-XXXX has the ability to manipulate objects in its environment up to [SOMETHING] kg in weigh. Although SCP-XXXX will not hesitate to communicate with Foundation operatives, it has not directly communicated with human beings in the past so as to not frighten them.

Personnel are to be warned that repeated possessions will compromise the integrity of the entity's psychological state. As of this writing, SCP-XXXX has reported symptoms of depression reminiscent of those seen in human beings, but continues to possess subjects when given the opportunity.

Annotated history of SCP-XXXX:

Location: Medford, Oregon 1944
Event timeline: Earliest recorded possession. SCP-XXXX reportedly befriended a Mrs. Angela Hartford, a local textile factory worker whose husband was serving in the Pacific Theater of World War II. SCP-XXXX claims to have been sympathized with Angela Hartford, whom it described as a "kindred spirit" and identified with her loneliness. SCP-XXXX would leave emotionally intimate letters for Hartford to find in the morning, to which she would leave written replies in inconspicuous locations so as to not arouse suspicion. The two continued their correspondence briefly before SCP-XXXX discovered Hartford had misconstrued the entity's identity as having been that of a male admirer with whom she was interested in pursuing a romantic affair. SCP-XXXX reportedly became distraught and departed from Oregon on [YADDA].

Location: Fresno, California 1959
Event timeline: SCP-XXXX reported to have placed lost posters for the kidnapped child of a local family in prominent locations. SCP-XXXX gauged the emotional reaction of police suspects by possessing each in turn, but was unsuccessful in locating a perpetrator. The entity reasons the kidnapper either was not a local, or did not feel sufficiently remorseful for SCP-XXXX to have experienced memories of the crime. SCP-XXXX claims this incident affected it deeply and departed after three (3) years of fruitless searching.

Location: Los Angeles, California 1965
Event timeline: SCP-XXXX claims to have become fixated on helping a suicidally depressed alcoholic named [YADDA], who was a formerly a prominent figure in the city's underground comedy scene. [YADDA] was reported have begun to self-medicate with alcohol and designer drugs after suffering a string of romantic and professional failures. During this time, SCP-XXXX would leave Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlets in strategic locations for the subject to find during his daily routine, as the subject was observed to have been prone to magical thinking in the past. This was ineffective and before SCP-XXXX could devise another strategy, [YADDA] purchased a 9mm handgun with the intent to kill himself. SCP-XXXX claimed to have possessed [YADDA] shortly afterwards so as to experience his final moments.

Location: Chinook, Montona 1966
Event timeline: SCP-XXXX reports to have become interested in the psychological climate of a grade school in rural Montona. The entity frequented the building during school hours and allowed itself to enter classrooms while they were in session to locate students in psychological distress. SCP-XXXX discovered that a select minority of students were being bullied by peers and habitually ignored by faculty and staff. SCP-XXXX reports to have been unsettled by the experience and as a result abstained from human contact for a two (2) year period.

Location: Haverhill, Massachussetts 1993
Event timeline: SCP-XXXX reported to have become obsessed with helping members of an eating disorder support group. SCP-XXXX allowed itself to possess each member in isolation to better gauge the extent of their issues, but their mental distress so affected SCP-XXXX it carved 'you are beautiful' seventy-nine (79) times with a sharp implement into the walls of the choir room where the meetings were held. The church was deemed condemned and closed down shortly afterwards. SCP-XXXX reportedly did not follow-through on the conditions of its targets for fear of having exacerbated their condition.

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