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A culture of SCP-1078 as seen through the lens of an optical microscope.

Item #: SCP-1078

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment consists of an exact replication of the public pool in which SCP-1078 was residing, including dimensions and style. A sloped, inground basin composed of concrete and lined with turquoise-colored tiles, exactly 12 ft x 24 ft, capable of amassing 8,900 gallons if subject were left to replicate. Rim of structure is lined with an infrared, motion sensitive laser array to carefully calculate SCP-1078’s projected growth, and to serve as a warning if levels of ooze reach critical mass. Should these boundaries be crossed, the blue warning light affixed to the control console shall flicker at a rate of (3) times every second, and a retractable Plexiglas dome that serves as the second line of defense. In case of uncontrollable growth spurt, please inform the nearest member of security, and key in the lockdown code enclosed in your manual. All available Class D must be moved to cease its growth. All around the clock observers must be attentive to its temperament. Subject may froth and foam at odd intervals between feedings. This is to be considered normal behavior as it is actively digesting. Actions of the subject that are considered abnormal, such as overt stillness or roiling motions, are left to the discretion of any higher clearance staff. Those with clearance Level 2 and higher are allowed remote observation of SCP-1078, while Class-D staff are relegated to continued maintenance of interior and feeding. Class 4 hazmat suits equipped with ultrafine respirators required when it is necessary to enter SCP-1078’s enclosure.

No less than (2) Level 2 coordinators may occupy the observation enclosure, one to monitor changes in SCP 1085’s temperature, as an increase in heat is indicative of another growth phase to be stifled, while the other is designated to monitor the feeding, and activities of the (4) Class D staff assigned to maintenance. Those who do not adhere to containment protocol are liable to be purged.

Description: Subject displays no forms of locomotion other than periodic expansion, as it is a self-replicating excretion of unknown origin. Testing indicates this is merely a bizarre phenomenon in rapid cell reproduction, and is not a sentient lifeform. Coloration is consistent with that of chlorinated water, yet possessing a viscous consistency. If contact with bare skin is initiated with SCP-1078 is initiated, the reaction is immediate and adverse, in which the subject adheres to epidermis and begins the slow, yet utterly agonizing digestive process. The bond is unbreakable, and samples have been known to eat through any organic material within a matter of days. This mechanism and what chemical activates it have yet to be explored. Initial wounds inflicted are indistinguishable from third degree chemical burns, gradually worsening from time of exposure. While its digestive enzymes are brought to a standstill when in contact with clothing, the threat is not lessened. Details of capture are listed in [EXPUNGED].

Class-D testers report a sickly sweet odor exuding from the amorphous mass that is akin to honey, which they state is overpowering, enough so to cause powerful headaches. As proximity lessens, the health hazard posed by the caustic, yet alluring fumes become more apparent. Noted symptoms from temporary exposure are the following; heavy nosebleeds, severe eye and skin irritation, temporary blindness, persistent cottonmouth, tingling sensation in lower extremities, loss of consciousness, inability to speak, uncontrollable drooling, sudden deafness, inability to regain motor control, irresistible urges to leap into the slopped vat in which SCP-1078 is contained, cessation of respiration, seizures, foaming at the mouth, powerful hallucinations, foaming of the eyes, vomiting, and explosive evacuation of the bowls.

The consumption process ranges in duration from 2 to 4 weeks, the longest being a month and a half in the case of one heavyset Class-D unfortunate enough to burst a seam in his suit. Despite his ungainly appearance, he dived into the unforgiving mass with all the grace of an Olympic aquatics champion.

To be able to ascertain the true lethality of the creature, several Class-D resources were made to enter the chamber while wearing tampered suits, armed with both audio and visual recording equipment and lacking respirators. The results were astounding, and quelled the worries of many staff afraid its expansion was ceaseless. Transcript of the event conducted is [REDACTED].

Testing in order to gauge the potency of the secretion’s mild psychotropic effect has been ongoing, with serious consideration regarding the creation of a sedative produced from a diluted sample; given the nature of SCP-1078 as an ‘undying’ entity, this would prove both practical and cost-effective.

SCP-1078 is extremely robust, displaying absurd resistance to all but the most destructive of conventional weaponry. Kinect energy from firearms is dispersed as the projectiles pass through harmlessly, flames merely cause exponential growth, explosives can only stretch the specimen’s membrane slightly, and radiation elicits absorption.

Addendum(s): [PRIVATE EYES ONLY]

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