Bijhan Mooseman
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Security camera footage of the creature killing a test subject

Item #: SCP-954

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Special carbon filament polymers have been bonded to chains of alloy-3964 for the containment of this creature. It has had titanium implants grafted onto its bone structure to attach to these chains. Any containment facility to which these chains can be attached radially is suitable. In case of an escape attempt, the chains ought to rend the creature into pieces. All facilities, regardless of other inbuilt precautions, should always remain guarded by at least two armed guards.

The creature is to be fed a diet primarily of fresh green vegetable to be supplemented by red meat as available. The creature needs to eat at least twenty pounds of roughage a day.

The creature is capable of being moved from location to location. This will become necessary as it damages whatever facility is being used to contain it. The creature should be delivered 100mg of acepromazine in a solution via a dart gun before being unhooked from its chains. Acepromazine should be re-administered at a dosage of 60mg every half hour during transport to ensure it remains sedated.

A record of staff members who have any Inuit ancestry is to be kept in regards to this creature.

Description: The creature is 4.6m tall and 365kg. Its head appears to be that of a moose, complete with antlers, while the majority of the body is anatomically identical to that of a human. The limbs end in hooves. Despite its outward appearance, the diet and internal physiology appear most like that of a gorilla. Another major anatomical similarity to gorillas is the creature's canine incisors.

Perhaps the most remarkable of the creature's abilities is its seemingly infinite strength. All tests indicate that it is capable of generating contact forces over time. If given enough time and space, the creature could theoretically produce an infinite amount of force, generating infinite acceleration. The result of this occurring is only theoretical.

Foundation personnel have surgically grafted titanium divots onto the creature, where chains can be anchored onto it in order to restrain it. There is no reason to believe it is not capable of breaking these restraints, therefore their purpose is to tear the creature apart if it exerts too much force in any one direction. All components in the restraint device are designed to redirect force onto the weakest points of the body.

The creature has been hostile at all times except during its periods of sedation and its occasional sleep. It spends between seven to eight weeks awake at a time, sleeping a maximum of thirty minutes at a time. During its wakeful periods, it will will kill any and all animals it can, and seems to go out of its way to destroy man-made structures.

For reasons unknown, the creature will not attack persons of Inuit descent, but will still act menacingly towards them. An attempt to test if this restraint included other polar natives resulted in the death of several personnel of Aleut descent. Therefore it is important that the Foundation keep track of all Foundation personnel of Inuit descent.

The creature is believed to have spawned an urban legend before being acquired by the Foundation: "the B.C. Mooseman." The name has become popular among Foundation staff.

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