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Photograph 1a

Item #: SCP-1943

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1943 is to be kept within a standard sturdy-construction Site 19 container, with soundproof padding on the inner walls, ceiling, floor and door.

Soundproof padding is replaced monthly by two staff members of class D-X1943, who will also inspect walls and door for structural damage. Four staff members of class D-X1943 armed with flaming torches are to stand guard within the container while this procedure is performed. Any signs of damage must be reported immediately to the most senior staff member currently on duty.

SCP-1943 should only be approached with extreme caution and at least two (2) flaming torches. Under no circumstances are D-class personnel other than D-X1943 class personnel to be allowed in SCP-1943’s container.

Description: SCP-1943 is a collection of thirty-two (32) varying sizes of rectangular MDF boards, dyed dark brown. At first glance it resembles the component parts of a self-assembly bookcase, or possibly a wardrobe. However close inspection and extensive discussion of photographs of SCP-1943 has determined that no useful item of furniture could be constructed from it without many components left over. The component parts of SCP-1943 can move independently through the air. SCP-1943 can understand human speech in English and Swedish, and is capable of communication by spelling out letters with its component parts.

Addendum: SCP-1943 was originally found in a residential home after relatives of the homeowner, Mr. E, alerted the police of his disappearance. When police arrived it was quickly noticed that SCP-1943 was arranged in a formation that both defied the laws of physics, and spelled out the word “HELP,” and the Foundation was contacted.

Officer J__ took the photograph labelled as Photograph 1a above on her arrival at the scene, which was relayed to the Foundation incident duty officer. Officer J_ was never heard from again. Officer Y_, her partner, also disappeared.

Two additional boards not shown in the original photograph were found at the scene by E-class personnel who arrived to transport SCP-1943 to its current home (see photograph 1b.) It is speculated that the additional boards were originally Officer J_ and Officer Y_.

SCP-1943 was docile and co-operative during transportation. Upon arrival at Site 19 it proved willing to communicate with Foundation researchers.

Since Incident-1943-1 this is no longer the case.

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