"What Are You Allowed To Dink With"

There are things you are allowed to fix in other people's works. Some, in fact, you are encouraged to. someone puts in a double "and"? Damn, thanks for fixing that! Left in an SCP-XXXX? How did I miss that?

But there's a LOT of things that will get you a mod warning and something reverted. Here's a partial list:

  • Correcting proper British. The web is international. You ain't. Sometimes the author is, or the character that wrote it is.
  • Mispellings that aren't. Sometimes people put in the wrong word intentionally. Sometimes (and this is the REAL sin) someone will correct something that IS spelled correctly. If you're going to do it, make damn sure your not putting in a homonym, or some other word witch is spelled rite - but still wrong.
  • Rewriting to make something clearer. You're not the author? It's not yours. Don't mess with it! The author is gone? Are you sure? Senior Staff is in charge, not you. You don't get to make it better because you WANT to. Odds are good that article is already scored pretty reasonably. So why are messing with it?!?
  • Changing the Art to Local Files. Touchy subject, but there is no requirement to host pictures on the site. While it's usually a good idea, it's not required and SOME things can't be hosted on the website. If you just upload the picture without changing anything it's normally alright. Changing it isn't. If something needs to be changed locally, let Senior Staff know instead of doing it yourself. There maybe a reason that its the way it is, which is covered in the next point.
  • Reformatting Article With Special Effects. There are a couple of article with "Special Effects" - Graphics, (audio?), ones that call you by name, etc. These SHOULD be mostly locked down, but not all of them are. If you want to look at the code to see how they work, you don't need to edit them. At the bottom there is "Options" then "Page Source" - use that.

There are others, and I don't know if this will ever hit the main wiki - this is just a starter "possibility" page of some notes.

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